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John Croft of Middlesex, St Pancras 1796 - Ancestry?


I am trying to trace the geneaology of one of my ancestors, John Croft.

John Croft was born in 1796 and resided in St Pancras, Middlesex in 1841. He was a shoemaker.

I am not sure if he was born in Middlesex or relocated there, my family just knows that he resided in St Pancras in 1841.

We are trying to find out who his parents were. We have found a will online of a Sir John Croft of St Pancras dated 1797. I do not have access to the will as it requires registration and payment with the website, but my family is curious to know whether Sir John Croft is the father of John Croft the shoemaker.

Either way, we are really struggling to find out who the parents of this ancestor were.

Any help/advice is much appreciated.
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