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John DAVIDSON born Staffs


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HO107 Piece 1987 Folio 172 Page 2
Civil Parish: Weston Under Lizard
County: Staffordshire
Registration District: Shifnal
Sub-RD: Albrighton
ED: 1
No of Schedule: 10
Address: Garden House, Village of Weston
Alexander Davidson Head Mar 60 Gardiner & Bailiff Scotland
Sarah Davidson Wife Mar 53 Worcestershire
William Davidson Son Unm 23 Gardener Weston Staffordshire
Mary Davidson Dau 16 Servant Weston Staffordshire
Alexander Davidson Son 14 Under Farms Bailif Weston Staffordshire
Sarah Davidson Son 12 Scholar Weston Staffordshire
John Davidson Son 10 Scholar Weston Staffordshire

John arrived by 31 Dec 1872.


I've not been able to sort this out.

Off a Tree
"John Davidson, young Englishman, went to Gympie where there was a gold mining rush. Uncle Tom Roper was also there. Tom’s wife Carrie was very ill and he sent word to Aunt Poole asking her to go up and help. Aunt was terrified at the prospect of travelling all night on a coach, but Elizabeth Alice, a brave girl of 18 eagerly offered to go. Elizabeth met John Davidson at Gympie. John was older but a real gallant. Alice was very pretty. They became engaged but Tom Curply had his doubts about the unknown Englishman.
They married eventually in Stanthorpe."

Says Elizabeth Alice then just Elizabeth and then just Alice.

Aunt Poole ?? No idea who that is yet. Elizabeth Alice was 18 so the year about 1870.

Marriage 1873/C0892 Davidson John - Noble Elizabeth Alice

The Brisbane Courier (Qld.) - Fri 24 Jan 1873 p.1
DAVIDSON - NOBLE.-On the 31st December, at Stanthorpe, by the Rev. John M'Ara, John Davidson, chemist, Stanthorpe to Elizabeth Alice, eldest daughter of William Alfred Noble, bookseller and stationer, Stanthorpe.
John is not with family in 1861, there is this possible unassisted arrival in 1865, no age or occ? Image no help.

John Davidson
Departure: London
Arrival: Sydney, New South Wales
Voyage Arrival Date: 4 Oct 1865
Vessel Name: Botanist

Thanks Geoff.

John was a chemist in Qld.

Elizabeth Alice's mother was Emma Roper.

Tom Roper is Emma's younger brother.

The Roper family also arrived on the 'Fortiutude' in 1849.
I need a marriage. There is a later one but it would not fit event in 1870.

Marriage registration:
Thomas Roper
Marriage date:19/07/1858
Spouse's name:Caroline Lewis
Registration details:1859/B/156

Connection between Lewis and Poole ??
Might be the marriage in post #5 if a connection can be found between Lewis and Poole.

Caroline Roper
Death date:23/09/1922
Mother's name:Margaret Rees
Father/parent's name:Joseph Lewis
Registration details:1922/B/38108

Aunt Poole is the aunt of Caroline Lewis.

ROPER.—The Funeral of the late Mrs. T..
ROPER will leave her residence, Lisson Grove,
Wooloowin on MONDAY MORNING, at 10
o'clock, to the Toowong Cemetery.
JOHN HISLOP & SONS, Funeral Directors.

No age. Damn.

ROPER CAROLINE Details Unrecorded Unrecorded 0 25-09-1922 Toowong Cemetery Burial Location 9-31-5

ROPER THOMAS Details Unrecorded Unrecorded 0 08-11-1914 Toowong Cemetery Burial Location 9-31-5
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I need a marriage. There is a later one but it would not fit event in 1870.

Marriage registration:
Thomas Roper
Marriage date:19/07/1858
Spouse's name:Caroline Lewis
Registration details:1859/B/156

Connection between Lewis and Poole ??
Thomas [d. 1914 Qld.] is listed as a half sibling to Emma/Emmaline. Father = James Roper, unk. mother.

Thanks Geoff.

Partial lists do exist for that arrival.

Assisted immigrants arriving at Moreton Bay-Brisbane, 1848-59
ROPER James 44 and family 'Fortitude' 1849 F2354
ROPER Elizabeth 45
ROPER James 23 James Neariah &&
ROPER Catherine 22 wife of ditto
ROPER Emma 20 **
ROPER Sarah 19 Sarah Ann/Mary Ann ??
ROPER Thomas 18
ROPER John Everitt 17 * Emma's cousin - not a Roper

Yes, It's probable James senior married twice but it has not been fully sorted. I'm not worried if Emma and Thomas are siblings or half-siblings.

It does not involve the connection between Lewis and Poole.

Caroline Lewis ??
Caroline Lewis
Christening: 14 Jan 1841
Event Place: Malins Lee, Shropshire, England
Gender: Female
Father's Name: John Lewis
Mother's Name: Margaret
Record Number: 129
GS Film 1702084

Looks to be the wrong one.
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Yeah, Shifnal 1851, post #1 is just inside the Shropshire border.. So Malinslee [Telford] wouldn't be out of place.

Thanks Geoff.

We know Tom Roper was married by 1870 and that his wife was Carrie. The only marriage that seemed to fit was the one to Caroline Lewis.

The burial records seem to confirm that. If parents on death reg are correct then John Lewis and Margaret Rees. So that baptism is out.

Most of the trees have little on Thomas, but one has this, not validated..

19 Jul 1859 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Caroline LEWIS


EDIT: Only a year out..
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Thanks Geoff.

Looks like the right marriage and death and parents and siblings for Caroline.

Connection to Poole on Lewis or Rees side?

No Poole death on Qld. index with Rees or Lewis as a parent.
Joseph Lewis
Marriage Date: 2 May 1833
Marriage Place: South Hamlet, Gloucestershire
Spouse: Margaret Rees

Thanks Geoff.

The mysterious Aunt Poole. :)

We need a given name.

No hits in Trove searching 'poole' AND 'roper'. Living in Gympie.

There is a gold mine at One-Mile, Gympie being worked by Poole and party in 1870s.

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