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Qld. Birth 20 Sep 1876/C02435 Mellefont Edward John - William Peel - Ellen McCarthy

Qld. Death 1 Nov 1933/C04103 Mellefont John Edward - William Peel - Ellen McCarthy

The Western Champion (Barcaldine, Qld. : 1922 - 1937) - Saturday 4 November 1933 p.8
The sad news was received on Thursday by Mr. G. E. Mellefont, of Messrs. Meacham & Leyland's staff, Longreach, of the death of his brother John Edward, which occurred at Gladstone that morning from pneumonia. The deceased was 56 years of age, and was the third son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Mellefont, old residents of Gladstone.

Qld. Marriage 30 Nov 1872/C0278 Mellefont William Peel - McCarthy Ellen

Qld. Birth 26 Nov 1874/C01812 Mellefont William Peel - William Peel - Ellen McCarthy

I'm missing a son born before John Edward. ???
1876 C2435 Edward John Mellefont William Peel Ellen McCarthy

1874 C1812 William Peel Mellefont William Peel Ellen McCarthy

1887 C3502 Arthur Victor Mellefont William Peel Ellen McCarthy

1885 C3327 George Eldon Mellefont William Peel Ellen McArthy
The is no other birth in BMD that I can see, gibbo. I can find no other evidence that I'm missing one of the children. Almost all of them preferred to use their middle names. :biggrin:

The obit for Ellen says 4 sons and 3 daughters and that means the 'third son of ..." has to be an error, although it's 2 years to the birth of the first.

I'd better look for a death in case one died young and there was no birth reg.

No sign of a death.