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John & Emma PARNEL ?


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County Essex
Parish Canning Town
Ecclesiastical Parish ST LUKES
Registration District West Ham
Residence Note St Thomas Road
Page Number 64
Registration Number RG12
Piece/Folio 1320/ 77
John Parnel Head M 28 Essex, England
Emma Parnel Wife F 30 London, England
Florence Headlan Stepdaughter F 12 London, England
Elizabeth Headlan Stepdaughter F 11 London, England

Looking for the marriage of John & Emma. Or another way of finding Emma's maiden name.

I don't know if 'Parnel' is correct or if it's Purnel or Pannell or Pennall or ...

Looking for John in 1871 and 1881 and both of them in 1901.

Don't worry about Florence and Elizabeth as they are accounted for in other years.


This is all getting very confusing as you will see.

James Headlam marries Elizabeth Sophia Webb jun 1878 Wandsworth 1d 796

James Headlam dies Sep 1884 West Ham 4a 61 age 33

Eliza Sophia A Headlam marries Alfred Pennell Dec 1884 Bethnal Green 1c 401

1901 RG13/1582/F98/p44
7 Poplar Street West Ham

James Pannell 40 Dock Labourer Canning Town
Eliza Pannel wife 46 Lambeth
Elizabeth Headlam Step dau 21 Battersea
James Kemp Grandson 6mths Canning Town
Florence Sparks Visitor 11

James Alfred Kemp Dec 1900 West Ham 4a 152 mmn Headlam - I'm guessing Florence's son

1911 RG14PN9493 SD4 ED23 SN244
9 Fen Street, Tidal basin E, West Ham

Alfred Pannell 46 Road Sweeper Canning Town
Sophia Pannell wife 55 Lambeth
Elizabeth Headlam Step dau 31 Battersea
Lilly Pannell dau 4 Canning Town
Charlie Headlam son 2 Stratford

Charles Headlam Mar 1909 West Ham 4a 332 no mmn - possibly Elizabeth's son?

Cannot see a birth ref for Lilly but interestingly whilst looking for her I came across Elizabeth Eliza Headlam Sep 1906 West Ham 4a 79 mmn Pannell

Anyway, I'll leave you to sort that lot out. By the way in 1911 Alfred/Sophia say they have been married 32 years had 13 children, 3 of whom are still living and 10 have died.

Births on Freebmd

John Chambers Parnel – Hull – Dec 1860

John George Purnell – Cardiff – March 1860

John Garibaldi Purnell – Clutton – June 1861

John William Pennell – Cirencester – Dec 1861

John George Purnell – Chelsea – March 1862

John George Purnell – Bedminster – June 1862

John George Pennell – Dudley – June 1862

John William Pennell – Gravesend – June 1863

John Charles Purnell – Clutton – June 1863

John Charles Purnell – Bristol - Dec 1863

John Henry Purnell – Dudley – Dec 1863
Thanks Emeltee.

Sorry, I should have added the link to the other topic.

You have found a census I didn't have and now I have the solution (I think).

Deaths Sep 1901 KEMP James Alfred 0 W. Ham 4a 50

Births Mar 1902 KEMP James George W. Ham 4a 67 mmn HEADLAM (Florence)

Thanks Val. I think I now have the solution.

RG11 Piece 512 Folio 52 Page 41
James Headlahn Head Mar 29 Labourer Hammersmith
Elizabeth S.A. Headlahn Wife Mar 25 Lambeth
Florence Headlahn Dau 2 Battersea
Elizabeth E. Headlahn Dau 1 Battersea

E.S.A. marries 'Alfred' Pennell

RG12 Piece 1320 Folio 77 Page 64
John Parnel Head Mar 28 Brick Maker Essex
Emma Parnel Wife Mar 30 London
Florence Headlan Stepdau 12 Scholar London
Elizabeth Headlan Stepdau 11 Scholar London

RG13 Piece 1582 Folio 98 Page 44
PANNELL James Head Mar 40 Dock Labourer Canning Town
PANNELL Eliza Wife Mar 46 Lambeth
HEADLAM Elizabeth Step Dau 21 Battersea
KEMP James Grandson 6mths Canning Town
SPARKS Florence Visitor 11

RG14 Piece 9493
Alfred Pannell 45 Married
Sophia Pannell 55 Married
Elizabeth Headlam 31
Charlie Headlam 2
Lilly Pannell 1

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Births Mar 1855 PANNELL Elizabeth Harriet - W. Ham 4a 22 mmn OWEN

Marriages Dec Qtr 1874 Lambeth 1d 791
WAKEMAN Thomas & PENNELL Elizabeth Harriet

RG13 Piece 1584 Folio 19 Page 32
WAKEMAN Thomas Head Mar 53 Labourer ... ... Norwood Surrey
WAKEMAN Harriet Wife Mar 49 W Ham Essex
PANNELL Albert Nephew 8 W Ham Essex
KEMP Florence Niece Mar 21 Battersea London

So the Pannell born Essex abt 1863 who married E.S.A. should have mmn OWEN.
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William H Pannell & Betsy/Elizabeth in Pontypridd in 1901 ??

So far I can't find them.

Deaths Sep 1904 PANNELL Betsy 66 Pontypridd 11a 353

Deaths Sep 1908 PANNELL William Henry 75 Pontypridd 11a 302


William H Pannell & Betsy/Elizabeth in Pontypridd in 1901 ??
RD: Pontypridd
Sub-RD: Ystradyfodwg
Add = Holyrood or Holy wood Terrace.
Ref = RG13; Piece: 5016; Folio: 59; Page: 11
William H Pantrell 67 [b. Brighton. Something labourer]
Beatrice Pantrell 63 [b. Warwickshire]
George Pantrell 42
Frederick Pannell 37
Thomas Pannell 22
Clara Hunter 14

Not on a Hamilton direct line but connected to the branch that moved from Ireland to England. Others ended up in Queensland and others in Victoria.