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John Gardner Stow on the Wold

Looking for a death for a John Gardner or possibly Garner(or any other variation on the name) in Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire.

I've been through the BTs which are availble to browse on fs but they only go up to 1812.

Can anyone see his death? I'm hoping it will give an age at death as I have found two possible baptisms and am trying to eliminate one. Knowing my luck if there is an age given it will put his birth midway between the two and I'll be none the wiser!

I'll add these while going through the BT's. 1749-1785. Saves me going back in there at a later date.;)

Ann Garner, aged 26. buried. 26 May 1782.
James Garner inf. buried, 23 Oct 1781.
Anne Garner, aged 59. buried 10 May 1781.
Sarah Garner, inf. buried 20 Oct 1780.
Mary Garner, aged 65. buried 6 July 1784.

No burials for John Garner, from 1749-1785.

Adding these as I go through from 1785 - 1812.

Ann Gardner, no age. buried 10 April 1811.
John Gardner, no age. buried 8 April 1810.
Rebecca Gardner, no age. buried 9 Oct 1809.
Rebecca Gardner, no age. buried 25 Mar 1808.
John Gardner, no age. buried 24 Mar 1805.
Wm. Gardner, no age. buried 25 Dec 1799.
Frances Gardiner, no age. buried 3 Aug 1796.
John Gardner, aged 19. buried 2 July 1791.
Ann Garner, of Maugersbury, no age. buried 24 Dec 1787.
William Godnard, no age, buried 17 June 1787.
Robert, infant son of Elizabth Gardner, buried 18 Feb 1786.

Not much help really.:(

Many thanks to you both for taking the time to look for me.

Trace, the death for John in 1815 aged 69 gives a yob of 1746 which is spot on for one of the baptisms I found and would mean that John was 21 when he married in 1767 so I think he is my chap.

Steve, the John who died aged 19 is, I think, the son of John and Hannah born 1772. I have been looking back through the BTs and have found, in total seven children baptised with parents John and Ann as well as the three you gave me, Elizabeth, John and Richard with parents John and Hannah. I have come to the conclusion that there were two couples - John and Hannah and John and Ann - because one of the children baptised with parents John and Ann was baptised in 1783 with the name John. This baptims occured whilst John, son of John and Hannah was still alive. (Hope you can follow that!)

Anyway many thanks again to you both.