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John Hammond and Elizabeth (?)


Valued Member
Okay, so I feel rather guilty as I have posted so many threads on here to help with my research but everyone has been so helpful so I shall continue:p

I'm looking for records regarding my nine times great grandfather and mother who I know to be John Hammond born 1721, or there about, and his wife, Elizabeth.

My eight times great grandfather, Richard Hammond (funnily named if you're a Top Gear watcher:p ) was born in 1747 so I don't know if he was their first so do not know their marriage date.

Having used 'family search' the likeliest was a marriage in Westminster in May 1748 to Elizabeth Devereaux although I'm not sure how likely it was then to marry a year and four months after the birth of a child. Very unlikely is my guess.

So I'm really asking two things:
1. Is it at all possible that Ms Devereaux could be my nine times great grandmother
2. Could anyone help me search for the right marriage record of John and Elizabeth.

(Their son, Richard, was born in St Giles Crippelgate, so would imagine they would wed around that area.)

Thanks for any help,

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