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I'm wondering if a John M. HAN(D)**** born abt 1818 Devon can be found in 1841 with father = Peter

If I have the wrong death then I have no age at time of 1861 marriage in NSW. We are left with 'born Devon' and middle name Mill.


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Sorry Dave but there doesn't seem to be any Peter Hancock or Handcocks in Devon in 1841. Plenty of John's though. What was his profession as this might narrow it down a bit.

Hello Emeltee,

Thanks for looking. I don't have much to go on at the moment.

Age at death suspect and some doubt father=Peter on his death reg is correct. Yes, I searched for marriages for a Peter and had no luck.

Marriage in 1861 and birth of daughter in 1861 states John is a Publican from Devon. Middle name is Mill although in some newspaper articles that is Mills.

After Googling it seems there are several John Mills HAN(D)COCKS born in Devon, one ended up in America.

I might be stuck until I get a copy of this branch of my tree from a relative. It's a branch I've only been working on for the past month whereas I started the rest of the tree 5 years ago.


Hi Dave,

There is a Peter Hancock in 1841 born abt 1792 occ carpenter. Going forward to 1851 (looks like the same Peter) is with a John Hancock born about 1820 occ carpenter. John isnt with the family in 1841.
Hi Dave,

Maybe something or not. The Peter Hancock in 1841 has a son Nathaniel.
The 1861 census has Nathaniel who married Elizabeth. One of the children is called John (Hill) Hancock. It does look like Hill on the image also transcribed as Hill. Maybe on the wrong track but see what you think. Also been unable to find a marriage to Peter and Joanna.

1841 - Civil parish Sydenham Damarell

Peter Hancock age 49 occ carpenter
Joanna Hancock age 47
Mary Hancock age 22
Nathaniel Hancock age 20

All born in county

Class H0107
Piece 233
Book 14
Folio 8
Page 11

1851 - Civil parish Sydenham Damerel

Peter Hancock age 59/widower occ carpenter born Pyworthy?
John Hancock u/m age 31 lodger occ carpenter born Pyworthy
Head of household is Richard Freeman and family

Class H0107
Piece 1884
Folio 142
Page 22

1851 - Civil parish Sydenham Damerel

Nathaniel Hancock head age 27 occ carpenter born Piworthy
Elizabeth wife age 32 born Maristowe
Catherine dau age 8 born Sydenham
John Hill son age 6 born Sydenham
Anna dau age 5 born Sydenham
Elizabeth dau age 3 born Sydenham
Emma dau age 1 born Sydenham

Class H0107
Piece 1884
folio 140
Page 19

I have'nt found this John in 1861.
Hello Julie,

Thank you very much.

That would be this one:

Births Dec 1844
Hancock John Mill Tavistock 9 477

According to an archived search it was believed he was the one who married in NSW in 1861 but I doubt that's correct. Another search result has a John Mills HANCOCK ending up in America.

I have two problems (only two :2fun: ) - I've not proved beyond doubt that the John Mill HANCOCK and the Elizabeth who married in 1861 are the two buried in Windsor. If that are then age at death indicates a birth for John about 1818 so it was probably his 2nd marriage.

I'm sure I have Elizabeth and sister Emma in shipping records and age at death and age in shipping record for Elizabeth don't agree.

I can't find any evidence there are 2x John Mill HANCOCK & Elizabeth in NSW. Nothing in newspapers to show an overlap. But also nothing to show a publican became a farmer.

What have I missed?


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What if we assume that the John Mill born 1844 was the one who married in NSW in 1861. Then he is the Publican and we have no death for him.

EDIT: That's impossible. The birth certificate for the first daughter born in 1861 lists John as a Publican - he was way too young to have a licence.

The John Mill who died in 1889 aged 71 was the owner of lots of farm property in the Windsor area. He is described as a very old resident of the area.

We have no arrival in Australia for either yet.
Julie, any sign of this one in 1861?

John Hancock u/m age 31 lodger occ carpenter born Pyworthy
Hi Dave,

The John who ended up in America is probably this one on the New York Passenger list.

John M Hancock age 47 occ carpenter

Arrival date 27 Feb 1892
Port of departure Liverpool
Port of arrival New York
Ship name City of Chicago
Thanks Julie. That would fit the one with 1844 birth reg.

I feel like moving on and returning to this one next month or whenever. :rolleyes:
Thanks Julie.

I think the other researcher chose the 1844 one simple because the reg had middle name Mill and it was Devon. Too many things rule that one out for 1861 marriage.

Even the death I have for Harriet (nee MOGG) although it fits for right parents on the reg, age at death is again about 10 years out, and does not fit with age on shipping record or census.

I'll wait for a relative to send me a copy of the tree that someone prepared some time ago and see how it fits with what I have found for MOGG, HANCOCK, MACKELLAR, BROWN, CLEAVE, PILKINGTON, WATSON, CLARK, DAVIDSON... the new branch of my tree.
HO107 Piece 964 Book 22 Folio 30 Page 16
Civil Parish: Street
County: Somerset
Registration District: Wells
Sub-RD: Glastonbury
John Mogg age 35 occ stone cutter ** died in Somerset
Harrio(e)t Mogg age 30 ** died in Somerset
James Mogg age 12 ** died in Somerset
Elizabeth Mogg age 9 ** left in 1858
Harrio(e)t Mogg age 6 ** left in 1858
Alfred Mogg age 3 ** died in Somerset
Emma Mogg age 1 ** left in 1865
All born in county

I'd like a look up please for the family in 1851.

Several arrived in Australia between 1851 and 1861.

Marriages Jun 1858
Mitchell Henry Wells 5c 1031
Mogg Harriett Wells 5c 1031

MITCHELL Harriet 22 Fitzjames 1858 Sydney and/or Newcastle and husband Reel 2138, [4/4795]; Reel 2477, [4/4974]
MITCHELL Henry 23 Fitzjames 1858 Sydney and/or Newcastle and wife Reel 2138, [4/4795]; Reel 2477, [4/4974]

Arrived 28 July 1858

Henry 23 Plumber Langport, Somersetshire John & Mary living at Langport C.E. Both None Good None £1
Harriet 22 Wife Street, Somersetshire John & Harriet Dead C.E. Both None Good None £1

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This might be John's death:

Deaths Jun 1850
MOGG John Wells 10 379


Deaths Jun 1845
MOGG Harriot Wells 10 358

MOGG Elizabeth 25 'Fitzjames' 1858 Sydney and/or Newcastle Reel 2138, [4/4795]; Reel 2477, [4/4974]

Arrived 28 Jul 1858

Mogg Elizabeth 25 General House Servant Street, Somerset John & Harriet Dead C.E. Both None


MOGG Emma 25 'Trebolgan' 1865 Sydney Reel 2140, [4/4789]; Reel 2483, [4/4990]

Arrived 28 Jun 1865
Emma 25 Nurse Street, Somersetshire C.E. Both

Elizabeth, Harriett and Emma there in 1851 and Emma there in 1861. Don't know about the other children yet.
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This has to be Alfred:

Deaths Sep 1905
Mogg Alfred 67 Wells 5c 273

Deaths Sep 1843
MOGG James Wells 10 319


Deaths Sep 1858
Mogg James Wells 5c 350
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