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John Henry Bastian b 1830 St Keverne

I am posting this more in hope than expectation but I am encouraged to do so by the fine record the site has for finding answers to "impossible" questions.

JHB was baptised on 17 Oct 1830 at St Keverne, Cornwall, son of John and Jane. His father died in 1832 and his mother remarried in 1835.

In 1849, as Henry Bastian, Able Seaman, of HMS Inconstant, he made an allotment from pay to his mother, Jane Pashbee. HMS Inconstant sailed from Plymouth in January 1848, bound for New Zealand and calling at Rio de Janerio and Sydney, returning to home waters at the end of 1850.

I have been unable to find any subsequent record of JHB. Searching is made more difficult because a number of others share his name and it is a name susceptible to corruption. Additionally, immediately after his father's death, he and his mother were removed from, or refused settlement in a number of places, including St Keverne, and it is impossible to know which he considered to be his "home" parish. It is even within the bounds of possibility that he died or deserted whilst on the voyage. In 1841 he was living with his grandmother in St Keverne. His name has been transcribed as "Barton".

I do not expect a complete answer but any hints or suggestions to help me in my search will be greatly appreciated. TIA.
Master and Mates Certificates on Ances
John Bastian
1833 Falmouth Cornwall
27/06/1854 South Shields
John Bastian
1833 Falmouth Cornwall
21/04/1859 London
John Bastian
Falmouth, England
Liverpool, England
Hamburg, Germany dd/mm/year
Falmouth, England dd/mm/year
Discharge Date
Discharge Place
Last Discharge Date
Last Discharge Place
London, England
Title -Canada, Seafarers of the Atlantic Provinces-1789-1935
Perhaps someone with a world acc would look it up please
Many thanks, Ellie, for your thoughts and suggestions.

I had previously found details of Inconstant's voyages.

I knew of the involvement of Inconstant in San Francisco when she came to the aid of shipping from which the crews has deserted. Apparently they had caught "gold fever". I did wonder whether JHB had jumped ship at that time.

Incidentallly JHB's step father, George Pashbee, was a member of the crew of HMS Acheron that came to the aid of the vessel S V Inconstant.

A pity there is not more information about the unclaimed letter.

I have the details of JHB' s baptism.

I not too convinced that John Bastian (Falmouth, 1833) is my man.


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