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Parish No: 646
Civil Parish: Govan
Town: Govan
County: Lanarkshire
Roll: CSSCT1851_167 Page 6
ED: 1 Schedule: 22
Address: Midd
Euphemia Howat Head 41 Govan
Jane Dunn Dau 12 Scholar Govan
Elizabeth Howat Sister 44 House Servant Govan
John Howat Brother 42 Hand Loom Weaver Govan
Jane Howat Niece 16 Silk Factory Worker Govan
George Howat Nephew 14 Boilermaker Govan
David Howat Nephew 11 Scholar Govan

Death 1873 HOWATT JOHN 68 HAMILTON 646/1 957 Govan and Govan Church

Looking for John in 1861 and 1871, thanks.
Old Main Street, Govan
John Howat Widower 52 Cotton weaver Govan
Jane Howat dau 25 Govan

111 Main Street, Govan
John Howett Widower 65 Coton weaver Govan
Lots of variations.

Qld. Death 1908/B09736 Howitt John Charleson - James Howitt - Annie Charleson
Piece: SCT1851/692 Place: South Leith -Midlothian ED: 9
Civil Parish: South Leith Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: South Leith
Folio: 747 Page: 5 Schedule: 17
Address: Merrilees Close
Surname First name(s) Rel Status *** Age Occupation Where Born Remarks
CHARLESON Daniel Head M 41 Mason Caithness - Halkirk
CHARLESON Margaret Wife M 39 Caithness - Thurso
CHARLESON Ann Dau 16 Dressmaker Caithness - Thurso
CHARLESON John Son - 3 Midlothian - Edinburgh

Arrival for Ann not found.

Piece: SCT1851/646 Place: Govan -Lanarkshire ED: 3
Civil Parish: Govan Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: Govan
Folio: 625 Page: 33 Schedule: 130
Address: Steven's Land
Surname First name(s) Rel Status *** Age Occupation Where Born Remarks
STEVEN Bowman Head M M 39 At Silk Factory Lanarkshire - Govan
STEVEN Christina Wife M F 37 Lanarkshire - Govan
STEVEN William Son U M 17 Silk Dyer Lanarkshire - Govan
STEVEN David Son - M 10 Lanarkshire - Govan
STEVEN John Son - M 8 Scholar Lanarkshire - Govan
STEVEN Mary Dau - F 6 Lanarkshire - Govan
STEVEN Christina Dau - F 3 Lanarkshire - Govan
STEVEN Marcus Son - M 2m Lanarkshire - Govan
HEWITT James Reltiv - M 18 Lanarkshire - Govan

Arrival for James not found.

Qld. Marriage 1876/1858 HOWATT JAMES - CHARLESTON ANNIE - IPSWICH * 1 May 1858