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John James Blower in USA then Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Would anyone know if there is any information available for Sri Lanka.
My GGF Herbert James Blower (b 1878 ) emigrated to Australia with his aunt, Mary Crowder (nee Blower) in 1884 after his mother had died in 1879. The rest of his family went to Canada then the USA.
I have sighted a letter from his uncle. dated 1907. stating the last he had heard of his father was that he had left Canada to go to Colombo.
I am guessing this was what is now called Sri Lanka or isthere another place called Colombo.
Herbert's brother John Albert BLOWER had a child in 1888 in California so it would have been somewhere between 1880 and 1888 that he would have left England for Canada then USA then Colombo.
I have got no idea where to look and would love to be able to track down John James BLOWER
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There is a Herbert James, parents John & Sarah Elizabeth. Herbert married Frances Mary Yaxley in Australia & they had 2 children Miriam Gertrude & Irene Francis. John & Sarah had 4 children Mary Ann, Kate, Albert John "Jack" & Herbert. John born 11/2/1870 Essex, married Martha Charlotte Elizabeth Holiday (1869-1919) in CA. They had 7 children. John immigrated to US at age 21 in 1891. He died 10/1936 & is buried in CA.
Is this your family?
Hi b00kie,
Yes this is my family.
I have all the info regarding Herbert James in Tasmania, Australia.
I new his other family went to Canada and the US but not when.
Now I have somewhere to look.

Thank You

Thanks Oz,
True, got mixed up on that one.
I just looked for a place name Colombo and only came up with Sri Lanka unfortunately.