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John Lymburn JACK


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09/10/1826 JACK JOHN LYMBURN - ALEXANDER JACK/ISABEL GRAHAM FR558 M 573/1 30 73 Paisley High Church

John Lymburn b. 10 Sep 1826 c. 9 Oct 1826 High Church Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland
Alexander JACK & Isabel GRAHAM
Batch C115736

Munro on the Graham side and unknown on the Jack side so not sure where Lymburn comes from.

Piece: SCT1841/573 Place: Paisley -Renfrewshire ED: 14
Civil Parish: Paisley High Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Folio: 0 Page: 24
Address: 17 Castle St
Surname First name(s) *** Age Occupation Where Born Remarks
JACK Alexander 45 Cotton Hand Loom Weaver Renfrewshire
JACK Isabella 45 Renfrewshire
JACK Alexander 14 ? Drawboy Renfrewshire
JACK John 12 Drawboy Renfrewshire
JACK James 10 Drawboy Renfrewshire
JACK Grahame 8 Renfrewshire
JACK William 6 Renfrewshire
LAIRD Alexander Unk Drawboy Renfrewshire

Looking for John's death. Thanks.
Sarah Blackley

BIRTH ABT 1839 • Ireland
DEATH 12 APR 1865 • Queensland

Father John Blackley
Isabella McGuire

BIRTH ABT 1805 • Ireland
DEATH Unknown

Fact details
2 Jul 1865
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William Jack Orbit – May 1910
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/212799525?searchTerm=william jack

daughter Isabella Jack b June 1862 Paisley married 16 May 1892 Qld to Anthony Theodore Linedale (1858-1943) – she died 16 Oct 1920 Qld
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/214906095?searchTerm=linedale - jack
Anthony’s Orbit
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/61850101?searchTerm=linedale - jack

daughter Janet Jack b Sept 1863 Paisley – married 21 Jan 1885 Watsonville Qld to John Newell (1848-1932) – she died 4 Dec 1947 Herberton
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/3438462?searchTerm=newell - jack
Janet’s Orbit
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/42568574?searchTerm=janet newell
John’s Orbit
https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/21960761?searchTerm=janet newell

Sarah Jack age 26 died 12 April 1865 of ship fever UK Deaths at Sea – ship “Sobella” - son Edwin b 1 March 1865 at sea - died 18 May 1910

William Jack on Assisted Immigration age 39 arrived Qld 2 July 1865 – page 226 QSA item 18474 Microfilm Z1957 Micro film 2 M1696

I didn't have Edwin. No birth or death on SP in 1865 ??

From Plymouth March 1865 'Lobelia' arrived Brisbane 2nd July 1865
JACK William 29
JACK Sarah 26
Isabella 2
Janet 1

There is no death reported of a male Jack child on board.

The Brisbane Courier (Qld.) - Tue 18 Jul 1865 p.2
The Lobelia arrived at the anchorage, Brisbane Roads, on the 3rd July, and was visited next day by Dr. Purdie the Health Officer, from whom we learn the following particulars :-
We have been favored with the following list of the names of the persons who died during the passage of the above-named ship, by the same gentleman -Miles Spelman, aged 20, of continued fever, on March 31 ; John Lax, infant, of bronchitis, on April 2 ; Henry Lambert, aged 23, of ship fever, on April 7 ; Sarah Jack, aged 26, of ship fever, on April 12 ; ...
The Lobelia was towed down to Dunwich, the quarantine station, on Saturday, the 8th instant, by the Kate, s., and there she still lies. The passengers have been landed, and as soon as the health reports justify such a step, they will be released from quarantine. The number of passengers was 334. ...
Thanks Val.

I will search a bit more re that vessel. It may have departed after 1 March.

Seems James only has a middle name of Graham on his death reg. Not included on his birth or service record or his marriage.

UK, Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949
NAME: James Jack
SERVICE DATE: 1854-1855
REGIMENT OR UNIT NAME: 42nd Royal Highlanders
February 24.-Lobelia, from Gravesend, for Moreton Bay.

The image of the shipping record has no summary - no births or deaths recorded on those pages.

JACK William and family 'Lobelia'-1865.JPG
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First son named Alexander so grandfather probably Alexander but can't choose between these and there may be others not in the index.

Alexander b. 17 Jun 1794 c. 22 Jun 1794 Abbey (Paisley), Renfrewshire
residence: Eaglesham, Renfrewshire
Alexander JACK & Rebeka KILLOCH

Alexander b. 16 Apr 1795 c. 19 April 1795 Abbey (Paisley), Renfrewshire
residence: Eaglesham, Renfrewshire
Robert JAK & Agnes SMITH

No Lymburn there.

Five sons and no daughters.
What a surprise.

Edwin Jack
Death date:28/08/1865
Mother's name: Sarah Blackley
Father/parent's name: William Jack
Registration details: 1865/B/2489

Died about two months after arrival.

Curious naming pattern.

Isabella = name of mother's and father's mother
Janet = not Mary or Margaret going one generation further back on father's or mother's side and not Sarah after Mother.
Edwin = not father's father Alexander or mother's father John and not William after Father.
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