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Deaths Sep Qtr 1865
Merryfield John Plymouth 5b 155

Should be Plymouth or Portsmouth.

I'd like a look up for John in 1861 please.

Aso, any burial record, probate record etc...


Hi Dave

There are a few possibles for this chap... It does look as though it is Plymouth, Devon and likely to be Stoke Damerel.

I don't suppose there is anything else about him?

Hello Geoff,

Very little. :rolleyes:

John MERRIFIELD & Christian ROWE
Marriage: 1 Mar 1806 St Mary's Portsea, Hampshire

PORTSEA ST PETERS CHAPEL (CHU3/4E/1) (Births & BAPTISMS 1788-1794) page 11
Christian ROWE Daughter of George & Catherine Born December 30th 1789 & Baptized January 30th 1790

I suspect that Christian and her husband moved to Plymouth since a John Merrifield is listed as an agent there for the disposal of the stores etc of the captured Prussian brig, Minerva. Lieutenant Perdrian was the commander of the brig, Hardy, that captured the Minerva.

"Portsmouth, March 11 , 1807.
Notice is hereby given, that an Account of Sales for the Hull and Stores of the Prussian Brig Minerva, Modder, Master, captured on the 19th of May 1806, by his Majesty's Gun-Brig Hardy, Lieutenant Perdrian, Commander, will be deposited into the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty, agreeable to act of Parliament.
N. P. Rothery, of Portsmouth, and John Merrifield, of New Town, Plymouth, Agents".

No sign of Christian after the marriage.

Thanks, Dave

So is the death definitely, John or is there flexibility? :biggrin:
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I have no idea, sorry.

Christian is a sister-in-law to Stephen Perdriau so it is highly likely it's the same John who ended up in Portsmouth in 1807.

I've not found any trace of either of them after that.

Was the only death I could see that might be the one. Also with death after 1861 I thought it worth looking in 1861 even if occupation rules one out.
Trivia time. :biggrin:

Variation: Perdrian - Huguenot descent
Joined Royal Navy on 12 Aug 1780 [age 12] as Captain's servant on HMS 'Venus' in WI Squadron of Admiral Sir George Brydges Rodney (a family friend). Served on HMS 'Boreas' and then HMS 'Endymion'.
Later on 2 May 1785 was Horatio Nelson's servant during one tour of duty Nelson had in the West Indies on HMS 'Boreas'.
Later to become Commander (Cdr) - no record of him serving in Battle of Trafalgar.
Hmmmm... I did notice 'Perdrian' in the original quote, I may have come across that name before :biggrin:
A few variations of the name.

Heaps of queries on this site re the family and connected families.
Christian's parents:

George Rowe buried 30 Jul 1811 Portsea

Katharina Rowe buried 2 Jun 1829 aged 80 Portsea

Baptism of first known child:

Catherine ROWE 16 Nov 1783 St Mary's Portsea, Hampshire,

I have not been able to find the marriage of George to Katharina/Catherine (lots of variations in various records) - maiden name unknown. No middle names to help.
Giving some thought to both possible deaths, there is this on FS:

Name: Archibald Low
Spouse Name: Christian Merrifield:
Event Date: 24 Apr 1817
Event Place: Saint Marys,Portsea,Hampshire,England
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M06261-3
System Origin: England-ODM
GS Film number: 919748, 919749, 919750, 919751, 919752, 919753, 919754, 919755
Reference ID:

And this..

Name: Archibald Mcarthur Low
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 25 Feb 1818
Christening Place: St. Mary's Church, Portsea, Hampshire, England
Father's Name: Archibald Low
Mother's Name: Christian Low
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I04385-4
System Origin: England-EASy
GS Film number: 1596293
Reference ID: 18 & 138
Further speculation that Archibald and Christian divorced, may be not impossible, he was a solicitor :rolleyes:

FS, Marriage.
Name: Archibald Low
Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Simmons
Event Date: 28 Nov 1829
Event Place: St. Peter And St. Paul, Fareham, Hampshire, England
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I04053-6
System Origin: England-EASy
GS Film number: 1596130
Reference ID: 100

You probably don't need this, but it appears to confirm the Archibald aspect..

Archibald Low
Born abt 1793 Glasgow, Scotland

Civil Parish: Portsea
Ecclesiastical parish: Holy Trinity
Town: Portsea
County: Hampshire
RD: Portsea Island
Sub-RD: Portsea Town
ED: 2
RG 9; Piece: 636; Folio: 29; Page: 4

Archibald Low 68
Elizabeth Low 48
Eliza Low 18
Marrion McArthur Low 13
Graeme McArthur Low 9
Susanna Bower 24 [Servant]
Harriett Stembridge 32 [Servant]
[All offspring b. Portsea]

More interesting..

Name: John Merrifield
Gender: Male
Burial Date: 23 Jul 1814
Burial Place: St. Mary'S, Portsea, Hampshire, England
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I02261-7
System Origin: England-EASy
GS Film number: 919761
Reference ID: 210

Thanks Geoff.

All new to me. :)

Better have another look for a death/burial for Christian.
I found this, but it says 'male'... possibly an error, but would have made her about 15y when she married.

Name: Christian Low
Gender: Male
Burial Date: 15 Jun 1827
Death Place: Parish Of Portsea, County Of Southampton, England
Age: 36
Birth Date: 1791
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: B03670-7
System Origin: England-EASy
GS Film number: 1596294
Reference ID: Page 48 #382
Thanks Geoff.

That would fit. Born 30 Dec 1789.

Looking at her sisters when they married:

Catherine 18, Maria 17, Christian 16, Mary Ann 24, Louisa 26.
This one is a few years beore George was born.

County Hampshire
Place Portsmouth
Church St Thomas
MarriageDate 9 Nov 1749
GroomForename George
GroomSurname ROWE
BrideForename Elizabeth
BrideSurname TURNER
FileNumber 26602