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John PRICE b c 1770 - Radnorshire

In 1851 John Price is recorded as age 81 and place of birth transcribed as "Landwith", Radnorshire. He is living with his son-in-law George Smith (50) and family at Rhymney Iron Works, Bedwellty. The birth place of his daughter, Mary (b c 1806/7) is recorded as Llanpetre (1851) and Lambeth (1861), Radnorshire.

Clearly the recorded birth place in each case is a distorted version of the true, but I would appreciate details of any John Price who, in 1841, was resident in any settlement with a name anything like Landwith, LLanpetre, or Lambeth. I see that Llanbedr and Llandewi Fach are near each other and wonder whether these might be the places referred to. However I shall be pleased to consider any alternative suggestions people may have.
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I have just been told that the original entry on the 1851 census return shows John Price's place of birth as Llanelwith which probably refers to Llanelwedd just outside Builth Wells. If so, this places it within a few miles of Llanbedr, the supposed birthplace of his daughter and it is in this area that I would expect to find John Price in 1841
Hi Brentnor boy

I did see your post this morning, but I was cooking for the family today and have just come back.

The daughter's birthplace could be Lampeter which is in Cardiganshire and Llanelwedd is in Radnorshire.

I have not had the time to look them up for you but will try tomorrow.

Hi Maddie,

In both 1851 and 1861 John's daughter gives her birth county as Radnorshire - Llanptere (1851) and Lambeth (1861). I believe this to refer to Llanbedr which is a few miles South East of Builth Wells.

I have considered and, for the moment, rejected Lampeter (Llanbedr) Cardiganshire. If nothing turns up for John in Radnorshire I may have to re-think.
Hi Brentor Boy

So far I am having no luck with the 1841 Census.

There is another problem that you may not be aware of, and that is around this time patronymics were still in existence in many parts of Wales. My own area in N. Wales certainly had problems with some members of my family in that they preferred to stick with the well known system in place. Therefore I had a John Owens son of Owen Jones who should have taken the name of John Jones but stuck with John Owen.

In your case, it would be possible for John Price ( John ap Rees. ap meaning son of) to have been originally Rees Jones. See what I mean, it makes life so difficult especially at this period of time. I will see if I can find him using patronymics.

Hi Brentor Boy

Have you got his daughter's birth certificate ? This might tell us what he did for a living at that time, or his marriage certificate. I cannot see his wife's name, or my eyesight is getting worse !!!! It could be !

There are, ( went about it another way ) 10 John Price in Radnorshire between 68 and 70 either ag labs or Farmers but none living in the villages that you have mentioned. Only one in Cardiganshire. So Price is more prolific in Radnorshire. So if we had a little more info. to go on it would help, please.
He was according to the census born around 1770 give or take a couple of years.

Hi Maddie,

From census returns John's daughter was born around 1806/8 and was married November 1827. I assume John was married around 1795-1800, all before standard certificates were issued, so no help from that quarter. As you have found, Price was quite a common name in Radnorshire so until I have a likely name for John's wife I have delayed trying to find records in PRs. I am guessing Mrs Price died at some time between 1841-51.

I am familiar with the Welsh practice of using patronymics and was hoping that that was not a feature in this case.

Thanks for your efforts to date. I have struggled to make progress in my search for John and was hoping someone with superior experience, eyesight or luck might solve the riddle for me.