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John Quinn...Ireland

Hello everyone :)
I'm trying to locate where in Ireland my Ancestor John Quinn was born, I've been looking for a long time and finding it very difficult "I posted the info I have in another section a couple of days ago as I was also looking for document info but thought I should move it to the surname forum......Here's what I have so far....

John Quinn (born 1841 Ireland) - He married Mary Graley/Grealey (born 1847 Sligo Ireland) on 6th December 1864 at St. Marys Roman Catholic Chapel, Alnwick Northumberland, England...witnesses were Charles McFall and Ann Duffy...on the marriage certificate it lists his Father as James Quinn Labourer. (there seems to have been a mistake made at the time as it also has the fathers name down as John but this has been crossed out and replaced with James...beside the name James are the numbers 1131, which I assume are there because of the mistake and are possibly the registrars number ID)

I have John and family in the Census returns for Alnwick Northumberland from 1871 through to 1911. and in each one it only states Ireland as his place of birth

It's finding where in Ireland he came from which is proving difficult and without that I can't look for baptism or birth records so I'm stuck really, any help at all would be very much appreciated. I have found John Quinns of the right age in different records including some in the Irish prison records but cannot view any of these to see if any are my John as most of the records are pay to view
Thank you very much in advance :)

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