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John SANDERSON b. abt 1796 Nottingham - parents unknown

If he had a middle name then there are these and further searching may rule them out:
John Edward - parents John & Harriet
John Stamp - parents Henry & Elizabeth

John was a Nottinghamshire gardener who was 19 years old when he fought at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. He survived that and married Elizabeth and had two sons. On 23rd October 1823 he was court-martialed at Portman Street Barracks, London, the charge is not recorded. He was sentenced to 14 years transportation to New South Wales.

Possibly 2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards.

I've checked WO97 & WO121 and can't find a John born Nottinghamshire. If county is correct then this is the only one I can find:

John Saunderson
England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
parent Matthew Saunderson, Frances

5' 11 1/4" Light hazel eyes, brown hair, brown much pock pitted complexion.

Any further details would be appreciated. :)

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Happy to check it out but might not help you

1st one John Sanderson, private, 1st (or Royals) Reg of Dragoons
Capt AK Clark No 8 G Troop

2nd one John Sanderson, Driver, Royal Horse and Foot Artillery
Major Whingate's (Rocket) Troop

One of the trees has this transcription (not validated yet).

[Transcription of text in document
"Given the opportunity, I'd do it again!" when asked by his court marshall whether he had anything to say in defence of a charge of assaulting an officer, were the words which booked Waterloo veteran, Private John Sanderson, a passage to New South Wales for an extended stay. They would also, in time, lead to the establishment of the settlement at Broken Dam, "The Beehive Hotel", and the end of his journey.]

Yes, I've also found that it may have been a long standing issue... Sad, in as much, if he'd have kept his mouth shut, he may have received a lesser sentence. We may never know :(

What do they mean by the charge is not recorded :confused:

One would think if he was been transported for the offence it would have been recorded somewhere :confused:
Thanks Barbara, Geoff, gibbo and Lee :)

So we are down to one of two possible but again the various trees have only part of the story. One tree says it was a long-standing issue but they can't find a record of the charge. One says he was in 2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards but most trees don't mention that.

Should there be a medal card or would that record now not exist because of the court martial?

In other words can we rule those two out because they have medal cards?
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I need some help please with TNA.

I found a link but now can't find it again for a search option on TNA where you can enter a series, eg. WO for War Office.

I have been back to TNA to search and I can't find a way to get to that page again. :rolleyes:

I searched for John Sanderson and 1814-1815 and WO and I found the Artillery Driver and it listed his native place - it was not Nottinghamshire - I didn't find any from that county using 'sanderson' but I've not searched for 'saunderson' yet.
Dave, you need discovery catalogue from main page and then advanced search where you can put WO and dates. There are a lot of John Sanderson from all parts of Britain.

His COF gives almost the same details as in your post #1, except the eyes are described as grey to light hazel. I suspect Nottingham probably refers to Nottinghamshire also confirmed in the COF, assuming the correct John Sanderson. There doesn't appear to be any of the others that fit so well. Saunderson may be an option, but I've not found anything yet.

New South Wales, Australia, Certificates of Freedom, 1827-1867
Name: John Sanderson
Birth Year: 1796
Native Place: Nottinghamshire, England
Certificate Date: 14 Oct 1839
Arrival Year: 1824
Vessel: Countess of Harcourt

This is similar to the finds of Barbara and Gibbo...
UK, Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949
Name: John Sanderson
Campaign or Service: Battle of Waterloo
Service Date: 1815
Service Location: Belgium
Regiment or Unit Name: M Clarks Troop

A few trees suggest this is his first marriage..
Pallot's Marriage Index for England: 1780 - 1837
Name: John Sanderson
Spouse: Elizabeth Dutton
Marriage Date: 1820
Parish: Female Mansf Lo Nts 13

Then it gets silly, I can't find the marriage on FS, but a tree suggests his first 2 children before his conviction are Jonathan and Matthias, both b. Mansfield, which would fit with the marriage, but the surname is Saunderson :confused:

Hello Barbara,


I'll go back to TNA.

So "2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards" in one tree is still possible.

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Hello Geoff,


I was going to say all records in NSW have the name without the 'u' however:

V1840673 24B/1840 SAUNDERSON JOHN - BROOKS ANN - NA= CofE Scone

The baptism in post #1 if that's the right one also with a 'u' so probably the right ones.

I'm lost. I've rechecked on TNA for Sanderson and Saunderson and only see this one that fits what's been found:

Reference:WO 119/52/37 Description:
Born SPOTLAND, Lancashire.
Served in 1st Dragoons; 7th Royal Veteran Battalion.
Discharged aged [Not Known].
Covering dates give year of enlistment to year of discharge.
Kilmainham Reference: A15277.
See folio 44.
Date: 1798-1821

and the other:

Reference:WO 97/1260/29 Description:
Born COCKERMOUTH, Cumberland
Served in Royal Artillery
Discharged aged 72
Date: 1793-1848

It must mean that John born Nottinghamshire is not those WO series.
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When I checked TNA earlier there was more info for the Officers details than the rank and file, however, I found that he was under WO 100/14 John Sanderson, Cavalry, Wagon Train, Artillery and Foot Guards. I followed the link further and I ended up at Anc. which only confirmed his name and a list of his fellow soldiers.

I've not been too good on TNA, so there may be other possibles than WO 100/14 number.

I still don't understand that Geoff. :biggrin:

I really hate trying to find stuff on TNA.

I just entered WO in 'Search Within' and looked at the results for all Johns with and without the 'u' and didn't see the one you mention.

If I put 'Search within' WO100/14 or WO 100/14 I get no results.

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Yeah, I tend to leave it alone if possible, I find it awkward to use, you never seem to get to same place twice. Now there's that new discovery thing... :confused:

This time it sent me to the FMP site :confused:
Apparently, WO 100/ X hasn't yet been transferred to the new discovery catalogue, this is probably why it is being farmed out to the likes of Anc. & FMP.