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Yes and yes and yes. :)

I've tried both the old and new catalogues. Now I'm trying something totally different. :D

I'm downloading a very large .pdf that is:

368 pages totalling 0 KB across 1 PDF file(s)

159 MB and counting :2fun:

Damn. Now it's saying it is a .zip ??? Oh the .pdf was compressed a massive 3% into a .zip.

I now have all 386 pages of WO 100/14.

I'll sell it for £25. :2fun:
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Yes, that's where I got the huge .pdf

Now I have a problem. The pages are listed by Company not by Troop.

So do we know what Regiment, what Battalion, what Company to add to "M Clarks Troop" ?
This is similar to the finds of Barbara and Gibbo...
UK, Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949
Name: John Sanderson
Campaign or Service: Battle of Waterloo
Service Date: 1815
Service Location: Belgium
Regiment or Unit Name: M Clarks Troop

This is where I got the WO 100/14 from when I was transferred to Anc. from TNA.

This is where I got the WO 100/14 from when I was transferred to Anc. from TNA.


That's a bit curious too Geoff. It's not Campaign Medal and Award Rolls.

The pages I'm scrolling though, all with WO 100/14, are Muster Rolls by Regiment, then by Battalion, then by Company listing if they are at home, in France or deceased.

Yes, just checked the original, it's only a list (like a muster) saying Waterloo men. On the first page it just confirms Capt. Clarke's troop, No 8. and the NCO's. Even though it is headlined as 'UK, Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949' it doesn't really indicate that.
Ok thanks Geoff. So Capt Clarke and No 8, but I've just been through all the Artillery pages and didn't see a Clark(e) as head of a Company or Troop.
Going through the Artillery I have found:

Major Turner 'A' Troop
Capt. Grimes 'D' Troop
Capt Lane 'F' Troop
Capt. Humphreys 'H' troop

Capt Hunt
Capt Tyler
Capt Albert
Major Rogers
Major Lloyd

No sign of Capt Clark(e)

A few of the pages are lists of medals that are being held for various reasons and not yet distributed.
Hmmm... Just found this too..

UK, Waterloo Medal Roll, 1815
Name: John Sanderson
Rank: Driver
Regiment: Royal Horse And Foot Artillery
Sub Unit: Major Whingate's (Rocket) Troop

UK, Waterloo Medal Roll, 1815
Name: John Sanderson
Rank: Private
Regiment: 1st (or Royals) Regiment of Dragoons
Sub Unit: Captain A. K. Clark's No.8 Or "G" Troop
I'm not suggesting he is a relation, but it refers to Capt. Clark.

UK, Waterloo Medal Roll, 1815
Name: Robert Sanderson
Rank: Troop Serjeant Major
Regiment: 1st (or Royals) Regiment of Dragoons
Sub Unit: Captain A. K. Clark's No.8 Or "G" Troop
Geoff, I still don't see how we can decide if one or neither of those you have just found and also in post #3 is the right one.

Looking at post #15 it seems to rule both out.
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Difficult to say, I also checked the .pdf and it has the WO 100/14 file in it.

In post # No. 3 he appears to be a mixture of both, though most of the info points to RA/driver.

We need his native place whilst in the army to confirm either way.
As far as I can see we have found these two:

b. Cockermouth - Enlisted 1793 Discharged 1848 aged 72
Driver in Royal Artillery in Major (E. C.) Whingate's Rocket Troop

Page 217 of the .pdf is too faint to read the date in the Enlisted column.

b. Spotland - Enlisted 1798 Discharged 1821
Private in 1st Dragoons
Capt A K Clark's No 8 or "G" Troop

Page ?
Summary time...

John Sanderson
Birth: abt. 1796, Nottinghamshire, possibly bap. Edingley, Notts.

Personal: Height 5f 11i, pitted complexion, brown hair, hazel(ish) eyes

Possible parents because he named a son Matthias (possibly after Matthew): Matthew Saunderson & Frances.

Army personel: Waterloo, Royal Artillery/Driver or Royal Dragoons, more likely to be the former (60/40)

COF: Gives almost identical personal details as that in post No. #1

There's not a lot, but 2 things spring to mind; 1. Who was the officer that he assaulted? That would tell us a lot, it could only be the troop commander or his understudy, the others would be NCO's. 2. His native place whilst in the army.

Thanks Geoff, but I don't think we have found him.

I will look for the 1st Dragoons one now.