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john sudbury, leatherseller of london.


Is there anyone who can do some research at the London archives,please. John Sudbury was a leatherseller and printer in London, his will is dated 1620 and he died between Dec. 1620 and Jan 1621. He lived in Tower Street and owned property in Rood Lane. He was in partnership with George Humble, his nephew,also a leatherseller and printer. They printed the maps of John Speed. He founded a charity in Egmanton, Notts, which was added to by Christopher Sudbury,goldsmith of London.He died around 1669. Christopher had family living in Egmanton, mentioned in his will.What I would like to know is the relationship between the two men, and what the link between John and Egmanton was that caused him to set up the charity. I can't find the link between the two places.

It's quite a lot to ask of anyone, but if anyone can I would very,very grateful.

Many thanks,

Great post Ronny...interesting and full of history..i am not good on census and findings but a couple of links on the above may be interesting....my guess is Ronny that partnerships like the one your trying to track often come from religious folk...it was a massive way of life in those days so a look at church records in the areas the men lived,worked and died may help...apologies if the above link is no good..regards Lee.
Hi Ronny,
Do you know what year the charity was set up, and for who. Certain events around that time may throw more light on it. (eg.The Plague and the Great Fire of London).
And as Leefer said, the church is a good place to start.

Thank you both for your replies. The charity was set up in 1616.It was a donation of land to be rented for the benefit of the Poor of Egmanton and Maplebeck, Nottinghamshire. There is nothing in the Egmanton records which show what John's connection to the area was,or his relationship to Christopher. I have a contact there who is researching the family as well.I've contacted the leatherselle'rs co. and the goldsmith's co. which has given me more info. about the two men but they don't know what the links are either. I live in Lincs. and don't drive so my research is done via the internet and family knowledge. I have been unable to find anyone who is connected to the family apart from people in the U.S.A. who have put entries on IGI which don't match up with my dates and family relationships.It provides a base to work from but isn't necessarily correct. I will have a look at the website you have mentioned.

Many thanks for your interest,