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John Thomas: Royal Garrison Artillery


New member
My great-grandfather John Thomas (09/09/1894-07/11/1947) is somewhat of a family mystery (we only got his birth certificate and census records through the help of a generous user of the great war forum). He had 10 children with his wife Sarah McCulloch (m. 23/04/1918), and only one is living today who is my grandmother. She knows nothing about him as he died when she was 13 and she is now 86 so I understand why.

He states on his marriage certificate that his occupation is "Gunner 2nd Battery Royal Garrison Artillery" and that his residence was (either frequently or presently) at Prees Heath Camp, Whitchurch. We actually found a picture of a soldier in my gran's house and she confirmed it was him and people on the great war forum were able to confirm it was an RGA uniform.

The only issue is that there is no record of his military service anywhere and I'm aware that a lot of the records were destroyed in WWII, seems like just my luck if his were destroyed, to be honest, after going from knowing nothing but his date of death to acquiring his birth certificate, family members etc.

Essentially, what I'm asking is if there is a way of getting any information at all? Even just small details?
Did all soldiers of the 2nd Siege Battery of the Royal Garrison Artillery have the same regimental number? Since I don't know what my great-grandfather's was, it could be helpful.

Thank you.