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John THURSTON & Annie


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Births Mar 1866
THURSTON Robert T Yarmouth 4b 29

Parents ? THURSTON & Annie :confused:

Marriages Mar 1852
Rumsby Thomas Blofield 4b 361
Thurston Sarah Blofield 4b 361

Postwick, Norfolk
Thomas Rumsby aged 45 b. 1826 Eaton Norfolk Ag. Lab
Sarah Rumsby aged 39 b. 1832 Postwick, Norfolk
John Thurston aged 25 b. 1846 Postwick, Norfolk Ag. Lab
Robert Thomas Thurston lodger aged 5 b. 1866 Yarmouth, Norfolk

RG11 Piece / Folio 1958 / 133 Page 20
Census Place Surlingham, Norfolk, England
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
Thomas RUMSBY Head M Male 51 Eaton, Norfolk, England Ag Lab
Sarah RUMSBY Wife M Female 49 Postwick, Norfolk, England
Robert THURSTON Nephew Male 15 Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, England Ag Lab

THURSTON Robert 18 'Smyrna' 1883 Sydney Reels 2142, 2494
'Smyrna' 1305 tons departed Plymouth 29 Jun 1883 and arrived Sydney 29 Sep 1883

Robert THURSTON 18 Single Labourer Norfolk Wesleyan Yes



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Did both of Robert's parents die before the 1871 census?

This would fit. Surlingham is in that RD.

Deaths Sep 1869
Thurston Ann 58 Henstead 4b 114

Is that Robert's mother? However...much older than I expected.

It's not Henry:

Marriages Dec 1849
Barnard Robert Henstead 13 489
Carter John Henstead 13 489
Davy Sarah Henstead 13 489
Fox Anne Henstead 13 489
Horstead Richard Henstead 13 489
Pettitt Sophia Henstead 13 489
SAUNDERS RHODA Henstead 13 489
Thurston Henry Henstead 13 489

Is it James:

Marriages Dec 1842
Frosdick Henry Henstead 13 451
Rowland Ann Henstead 13 451
Thurston James Henstead 13 451
Trett Rachel Henstead 13 451
Tubby Abraham Henstead 13 451
Turner Rhoda Henstead 13 451
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How is John related to Robert? Completes the picture but does not help:

name: John Thurston
age: 34
gender: Male
birth year: 1847
birthplace: Postwick, Norfolk, England
relationship to head of household: Head
marital condition: Married
profession/occupation: Labr Under Plate Layers
address: 12 Chalk Hills
census place: Norwich Thorpe, Norfolk, England
the national archives reference: RG11
piece/folio: 1941 / 33
page number: 8
Household Gender Age
John Thurston M 34
spouse Hannah P Thurston F 27
child Maria P Thurston F 3
child Bertie W J Thurston M 1
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Is this Ann? Perhaps spouse is not James.

name: Ann Thurston
event: Census
event date: 1861
gender: Female
age: 48
relationship to head of household: Wife
birthplace: Woodton, Norfolk
record type: Household
registration district: Henstead
sub-district: 2 Henstead
ecclesiastical parish: Henstead
civil parish: Poringland
county: Norfolk

I wonder if Robert's parents were in Yarmouth in 1861?
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I've been checking baptism records for Sarah b. 1832 Postwick, John b. 1846 Postwick and James and I can't prove they are siblings.

Too far off direct line to be worth a birth certificate.

Births Mar 1860
THURSTON Emily Esther Yarmouth 4b 17

Births Sep 1862
THURSTON William David Yarmouth 4b 6

Births Jun 1867
THURSTON Emily Yarmouth 4b 25

Births Dec 1869
Thurston George James Yarmouth 4b 3

Either there are no baptism records or the ones I've found show all these have different parents.
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Sarah's siblings in 41

Sarah Thurston
Age: 9
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1832
Gender: Female
Where born: Norfolk, England

Civil parish: Postwick
Hundred: Blofield
County/Island: Norfolk
Country: England

Street Address:

Occupation: View image

Registration district: Blofield
Sub-registration district: Blofield
Neighbors: View others on page
Piece: 753
Book: 14
Folio: 6
Page Number: 6
Household Members: Name Age
James Thurston 35
Sarah Thurston 35
Frances Thurston 14
James Thurston 13
Charles Thurston 11
Sarah Thurston 9
Nones Thurston 7
Henry Thurston 5
Marjanne Thurston 3
Anne Thurston 11 Mo

Hello Barbara,

Thank you very much.

I've just found this list - HERE

1866 Robert Thurston bap Dymock son of Henry and Sarah Thurston.

That has to be a different Robert. James and Sarah from the 1841 census are not listed.
James married a Mary A

James Thurston
Age: 34
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1827
Relation: Head
Spouse's Name: Mary A Thurston
Gender: Male
Where born: Postwick, Norfolk, England

Civil parish: Postwick
County/Island: Norfolk
Country: England

Street Address:


Condition as to marriage: View image

Registration district: Blofield
Sub-registration district: Blofield
ED, institution, or vessel: 2
Neighbors: View others on page
Household schedule number: 43
Piece: 1226
Folio: 44
Page Number: 8
Household Members: Name Age
James Thurston 34
Mary A Thurston 29
Edward J Thurston 9
Henry N Thurston 7
Elizabeth Thurston 5
Edith Thurston 3
Sarah A Thurston 1

going by ones born in Postwick There are another family in Norfok with Sarah born the same year but a different town.

Charles married an Honor so can't be the father of Robert if his mother was Annie.

Are you following me Dave.

Thanks Barbara.


Marriages Dec 1851
MICKLEBOROUGH Mary Ann Blofield 13 65
Thurston James Blofield 13 65

It would fit if Mary was known as Annie. ;)

If they are the parents of Robert born 1866 then there is no death for Mary 1866 - 1871. And no death for James that fits.

I wonder how accurate the 'Annie' bit is if the informant didn't know Robert's father's name.

I expected parents to be dead by 1871 to explain why Robert was with his aunt but that might not be the case. He is not the only one with a birth reg in Yarmouth.
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Nones is Norris and he married an Emma but in 51 is lodging with the other family in Norfolk who had a Charles born the same year as Sarah's brother Charles but in Surlingham, Norfolk, not Postwick and this Charles married a Harriet. so the two families must be related?

I think the parents are still alive unless you know different (in which case I am on the wrong track?)and perhaps because they had such a large family and small house and his sister didn't seem to have so many children, Robert lodged with them.

I have nothing from shipping record to say Robert's parents had died. He came with no other members of his family. I will try to view the two shipping reels one day at the library.

THURSTON Robert 18 'Smyrna' 1883 Sydney Reels 2142, 2494

It would appear you are right and his parents had not both died before 1871.
love the occupation

James Thurston
Age: 54
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1827
Relation: Head
Spouse's Name: Mary Ann Thurston
Gender: Male
Where born: Posick, Norfolk, England

Civil parish: Gorleston
County/Island: Suffolk
Country: England

Street Address: Burnt Lane
Condition as to marriage: Married

Employment status: View image
Occupation: Scavenger

Registration district: Mutford
Sub-registration district: Gorleston
ED, institution, or vessel: 7
Neighbors: View others on page
Piece: 1908
Folio: 26
Page Number: 18
Household Members: Name Age
James Thurston 54
Mary Ann Thurston 49
Elletha Draper 24
Alfred Draper 2
Ellen Thurston 2
Thanks Barbara.

Yes, and living in Burnt lane. ;)

I'll sleep on that. I'm calling it a day.