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John Waddington -1809 or 1810

Hi everyone,

Can any of you help me with this? John Waddington, born in Padiham circa 1810 is my great great grandfather. I have no record of his siblings. My problem is that there were two Johns born in Padiham at about the same time, - one on 2 Apr 1810 to parents George Waddington and Jenny Thompson, and the other on 17 Jul 1809 to Nicholas Waddington and Ellen Webster. I cannot go further back up my tree until I can establish which John is the right one. The only definite indicator I have is that the right one was married to Mary Smith (1810), was a Coal Mine Manager, who died in 1883, and had children Nicholas (1828), Ellen (1829), Henry (1835), Margaret (1837), Mary (1840), Smith (1842), Grace (1845), John (1848) and Richard (1851) who was my great grandfather.

Any clues gratefully accepted.

Peter Waddington
Hi Peter,

Here this may help, this is what I found on their marriage, Hopefully these will lead you to the correct parents

John Waddington
Gender: Male
Spouse's Name: Mary Smith
Marriage Date: 29 Oct 1827
Marriage Place: Padiham, Lancashire, England
Source Citation: Place: Padiham, Lancashire, England; Date Range: 1793 - 1839; Film Number: 1040343

You may also want to get Richard's Christening,
It states that some christening record include grandparents names

Richard Waddington
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 30 Jan 1851
Christening Date: 23 Feb 1851
Christening Place: Padiham, Lancashire, England
Age at Christening: 0
Father's Name: John Waddington
Mother's Name: Mary
Source Citation: Place: Padiham, Lancashire, England; Date Range: 1843 - 1851; Film Number: 1040344.
Hello Peter,
i have a WADDINGTON in our family that we are having problem locating where she was born etc ,who her father was etc :( or finding any of her relatives..Do you know if any of your Waddington's came to Australia..
where they may have been etc ..
We have her name ,who she married out here, and some family .but after her husband died,she disappeared from sight....
not even children can find,,if we had just some lead maybe we could trace backward or forward ,but right now its a mountain to climb....her birth date is 1917,
my daughter seems to think if we had some waddington name to follow,from england if any did come here we may break down this wall...
so if you have a waddington family member that came to australia,it would be appreciated..cheers Lynne:kissu:
Hi Peter, Try this:-

1851 census.
Civil parish, Whalley.
District. Burnley.
ED 6a
House. 163

John Waddington aged 41 born about 1810.
Mary " " " 41
Henry 16
Margaret 14
Mary 11
Grace 5
Richard 2months.


1861 census.
Transcribed as Waddingham and corrected to Waddington.
Distict. Burnley.
Parish. Worsthorn with Hurstwood.
Ecclesiastical parish. St.John
ED 51
House 46

John. 51 born about 1810.
Mary. 51
Grace. 15
Richard. 10
John. 2

I think this is the one you want. And there also seems to be a lot of candidates for siblings and 'in laws' in close proximity.

Hi all,

Thank all of you for your replies. I have already got most of the info you have passed on, but unfortunately none gives a link to the correct John's parentage.I will take another look at the 1861 census, to follow up on p.risboy's comment on local candidates for siblings and "in laws". Am really hoping I might come up with another direct descendant of John Waddington who might know more about his ancestry.
Re Lynne Ryan's query: Am sorry, but I don't have any Waddingtons in my line who went to Australia. However, I do have access to the book "Who's Who in the Family of Waddington" which mentions a number of Waddingtons in Australia in the right era. It is a largeish book, and quotes are too many to include here, but this might help if you can find a copy in your local library. It was compiled by another John Waddington and published in London in 1934. It is long out of print, but if you cannot find a copy locally, a photo-reproduction of it can be obtained through www.alibris.co.uk. However it is quite costly, and you might not want to go to this expense for what is only a vaguely possible source.
Regards to all,
Hi Peter I found your post and have now joined this forum just to inform you we both share the same many Greats grandfather through John waddington baptised 30/12/1809
His father Nicholas born 11/5/1788 died 1860, married Ellen Webster born 1786at Padiham 1807.
I have been searching for several years for the birth record of John Waddington born about 1763 Padiham who married Mary Nuttall at Padiham on
These are the mother and father of your same John.
I would love to hear from you as my mother was June Waddington her father Frank Waddington from Nelson Lancs.
I have all the Waddington family records from the book ' Who's Who of Waddington Family History '
If you would like to contact me for further information please email or of course use this site.
Kidest regards
Bryan Knowles

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Hi Brian
Just reading your post, and thought you should know that you cannot make private messages until you have made three posts. Shortly after making your third post, your name changes from blue to green. You can then send your email address by this means. Reply to this msg, then perhaps say hello to a new member, and your there.
Isn't it great when you find someone else looking at the same ancestors

I am also a Great Great Great Granddaughter of the same John Waddington. His daughter Ellen was my Great Great Grandmother. I have several details of the family if you're still interested
John Waddington was born in 1810 in Padiham, Lancashire, England. He died on 27 Feb 1883. He was buried in Padiham, Lancashire, England. He married Mary Smith on 29 Oct 1827. John was baptised in 1810 in Padiham, Lancashire, England. His occupation was described as Colliery Manager in 1881. His will was proved in Padiham, Lancashire, England. His occupation was described as Foreman at Colliery in 1861. His occupation was described as Colliery Engineer in 1871.

[Notes] John Waddington of Bank Parade, Burnley

General Manager of Hargreaves' Collieries until 1882, when he was succeeded by his son Henry.

Obituary - Burnley Express.

1822 - Employed at Simonstone Colliery, then Padiham, Whittlefield andRowley.

In 1841 shown as living in Eastgate, and working as an engineer.
In 1851 living in Middlefields, Padiham.
In 1861 living at Rowley, Worsthorne. John had a 2-year-old grandson,John, born in Habergham Eaves, living with him at this time.
In 1871 living at Rowley Hall, Worsthorne.
In 1879 he was in Brown Hill, Burnley.
In 1881 living at 76 Bank Parade, Burnley.

Succeeded William Waddington in 1872, as General Manager of the Executors' Collieries.
Resigned in 1881 to become Consulting Engineer.

In his will of 2 February 1875 he left 1/6th to:
Henry; Richard; Ellen, wife of Nicholas Wilkinson; Margaret, wife of John Birkett; Mary, wife of James Brown; and Grace, wife of Richard Fawcett.

The administration was to his wife Mary and John Proctor of Rowley, Colliery Manager, but a codicil of 9 February 1883 changed the executors to Richard Fawcett of Hapton Valley, Colliery Manager, andJames Brown, Pheasantford, Foreman Mechanic.

According to Who's Who in the Family of Waddington (p.234), John married Sarah . . . . in 1829.

Mary Smith was born about 1810 in Padiham, Lancashire, England. She died on 28 Feb 1886. She was buried in Padiham, Lancashire, England. She married John Waddington on 29 Oct 1827. Her will was proved in Padiham, Lancashire, England.

[Notes] A photograph of Mary's gravestone is included in the scrapbook for her husband, John.

Living at Rowley Hall, Worsthorne, at the time of the 1871 Census.
They had the following children:

M i Nicholas Waddington
F ii Ellen Waddington
M iii Henry Waddington
M iv James Waddington was born in 1831. He died in 1833.
F v Mary Waddington
M vi Smith Waddington was born in 1842. He died in 1844.
F vii Grace Waddington
M viii John Waddington was born in 1848. He died in 1849.
F ix Margaret Waddington
M x Richard Waddington
Hello Maureen,
Many thanks for your long and detailed post. I am sorry I have taken so long to respond. All your information corresponds with what I and several other descendants of this John Waddington believe to be correct, with the exception that we agree that there is some doubt (as described in my original post) about whether he was the John born in April 1810 or the one born July 1809, and therfore which were his parents and siblings. Apart from this, his adult life and his offspring and their descendants are well documented.
We have all assumed that he was born to George Waddington of Knights Hill, Padiham, in April 1810, but none of us can prove this, and there are several pointers towards the 1809 John.
1. His first two offspring were named Nicholas and Ellen, which were the names of the July 1809 John's parents.
2. There is one census which points to his having been born in 1809, whereas the others are ambiguous, the census dates having been close to the 1810 John's birthday. His monument in Padiham Cemetery states that he died in his 74th year, which, if correct would put his birth as before February 1810.
3. There is documentary doubt as to whether Humphrey Waddington was his brother (as would be the case if John was born in 1810) or his cousin (i.e. if John was the one born in 1809).
If you are able to shed any positive light on this puzzle, we will all be delighted.
Peter Waddington
Maureen (and any others interested),
Further to my last: Christine Haworth, another Waddington descendant, and extensive Waddington family researcher, who has John as being the one born in 1810 but agrees to the areas of doubt I have described, has based her choice on recollection that her grandmother said she remembered visiting Stockbridge House in Padiham, the home of Humphrey Waddington, and that this pointed to the probability that she was visiting her great uncle (i.e. John's brother if he was the John born in 1810). Of course it is also possible, though perhaps less likely, that she was visiting her grandfather's cousin, (as Humphrey would have been if John was the one born in July 1809).
To add to the dilemma, a further Waddington descendant and extensive researcher, Ian Ormerod told me some years ago, though without his reasoning, that he was confident that my 2 x great grandfather was the one born in 1810. However I have since found in Burnley Library, a pamphlet about the Burnley miners' strike of 1873, authored by Ian Ormerod, in which he states that in 1873 John sent "his cousin's son" William Humphrey Waddington to Cornwall to recruit tin miners for the Burnley coal mines. William Humphrey was Humphrey's son , and if he was indeed the son of John's cousin rather than John's nephew, that would make "our" John the one born in 1809. Ian has therefore contradicted himself, and I have asked him for clarification, but have not yet had a reponse.
The mystery continues. Regards to all interested parties.