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johnson help!!!!!!!!

hi i've come to a dead end with my family history search. I am trying to find out moor about a JOAN JOHNSON born 16/03/1951 all the info I have is that she married a Robert Woakes on 23/07/1970 but they split up around 1973 and she moved to cheshire then later to somewhere in Lanarkshire, here the info runs dry I have found out that she married again some time after 1973 but to whom/where or when is blank.
Her parents were a Mrs D.Johnson nee PRATT. Thats all I have on her
and Mr Eric Johnson. They lived in Churchdown gloucestershire and their other children were Eric Johnson, Ann Shephard nee Johnson, Dawn Randall nee Johnson,Alan Johnson there was also another child but I am unable to discern the name on the record I have.
Where do I go from here, it is so frustrating getting this far and hitting a brickwall, any suggestions please!!!!????? :redface:


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Looking for more recent records is harder because of the data protection act. If you want to trace your ancestry and there is nobody in your family who's got any more information, then there is the online bmd records for England and Wales. So really its a matter of getting birth and marriage certificates. There are some links below for you.

http://www.ancestry.co.uk/ either a paid membership or pay by view

http://www.1837online.com/HomeServlet eith a paid membership or pay by view

This is an excellent forum

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