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Johnstone Family

Cornwallis, Nova Scotia
I am looking for information on the siblings of my great-grandfather John Johnstone, born Dec. 15, 1872, in Chrinside, Berwick, Scotland. Married Mary Younger Dec. 23,1901 in St. Angustine Church, New Castle, England. Immigrated to Canada in 1911.

Father William Johnstone
Mother Isabella Dickson
Brother William Johnstone b. 14 Oct. 1860
Brother Robert Johnstone b. 13 Dec. 1864
Brother George Johnstone b. 11 Feb. 1867
Sister Margaret Johnstone b. 21 Apr. 1870 m. possibly a Hume
Sister Elizabeth Johnstone b. 1880 in Tweedmouth, Northumberland, England.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Ann:)
Hi Anne,

did you know there was another child named Alexander who died at Chirnside aged 3 1/4 yrs in 1866.

Where were your family in 1871? I can't find them at all!

Hi Barbara

Thanks so much for getting back to me so soon. No I did not know about Alexander. According to what I have Margaret was born in Chirnside 21 April, 1870 and Grandpa Johnstone was born 15 Dec. 1872 in Chirnside, so I assume
they were in Chirnside, Berwick, Scotland in 1871. I have a copy of the 1881 British Census and they were living in Tweedmouth, Northumberland, England.
Thanks again.
Yes I agree they should be but can't find them on either of the big sites. And don't think freecen has got it. This is my area so will look on the microfilm tomorrow if I get chance. I know you are mostly interested in the siblings but do you know where the mum and dad come from?

1871 Scotland Census

Registration number: 730

Address: Edington Lab Cottage
ED: 3

Household schedule number: 41
Line: 20


William Johnson 40 Chirnside Shepherd
Isabella Johnson 39 Chirnside
Peter Johnson 12 ''
William Johnson 10 ''
Robert Johnson 6 ''
George Johnson 4 ''
Margaret Johnson 11 Mo ''

Where born: Chirnside, Berwickshire

Registration number: 128B/2

Registration district: Inverallan
Civil parish: Cromdale and Advie
Address: Gardener's Cottage
Occupation: Gardener Castle Grant

ED: 1
Household schedule number: 3
Line: 14
Roll: CSSCT1891_36

William Johnson 62
Margaret Johnson 20
Catharine Johnson 22


1901 Scotland Census

Where born: Chirnside, Berwickshire
Registration number: 128/2
Registration district: Inverallan
Civil parish: Cromdale
County: Moray

Address: Gardeners Cottage Grant

ED: 3
Household schedule number: 11
Line: 8
Roll: CSSCT1901_38

William Johnson 73 gardener
Katherine Johnson 31 housekeeper
Lewis G Freile 28 servant
1861 Scotland Census

Registration number: 730
Registration district: Chirnside
Civil parish: Chirnside
County: Berwickshire
Address: Edington

ED: 3
Household schedule number: 43
Line: 9
Roll: CSSCT1861_136

William Johnston 30 Chirnside Shepherd
Isabella Johnston 29 ''
Peter Johnston 2 ''
William Johnston 5 Mo ''
Isabella Purnes 20

Here is the info I have for William Johnstone and Isabella Dickson.

William Johnstone:
B.1833 in Edington, Berwick, Scotland
M. 11 Dec. 1857, Chirnside, Berwick, Scotland
D. 1890 Northumberland, England

Father: Peter Johnstone
B. 5 Mar. 1808, Duns Berwick, Scotland
M. 1 July, 1830, Chirnside, Berwick, Scotland
D. 1886, Coldingham, Berwick, Scotland

Mother: Elizabeth McDougal
B. 1809, Chirnside, Berwick, Scotland
D. 1897, Coldingham, Berwick, Scotland

Isabella Dickson
B. 1830 Coldingham, Berwick, Scotland
Father: William Dickson
Mother: Margaret Burnet
Hope this will be of some help to you.
Thanks again for your help.
Okay Ann will have a look.

And thanks Dave for showing me that one of the big sites at least doesn't show Johnson as a variation of Johnston even when you tick the box that you want variations!