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Joseph Allen & Mary Ann Anderson - Children.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Joseph Allen married Mary Ann Anderson @ Kingsey, Bucks. 5 Jan 1843. Banns were read @ Saunderton.

Children, as shown on Census.

Susanna(h) Allen. 1843. Bledlow, Bucks, mmn. Anderson.
Emma Allen c1847. Lockington(Saunderton), Bucks.
Caroline Allen c1849. Lockington(Saunderton). Bucks.
Josha(Jesse) Allen 1850. Bledlow, Bucks. mmn. Anderson. Died 1854. age 3.
Sarah Allen 1854. Bledlow, Bucks.
Mary A. Allen 1857. Bledlow, Bucks.
William Allen 1859. Bledow, Bucks. mmn. Anderson.

I have been unable to find any birth regs with Anderson as a maiden name, for the rest of the children.
Usually shown in the reg. dist of Wycombe.

Can anyone find the births elsewhere.

Birth regs show as Maunder or Maunders are cousins. (to John Allen & Ann Maunder).

Sarah Angelina Ruth Allen b1855, is also not one of those mentioned.(Illigitimate child of Elizabeth Allen).

It's not that I'm lazy, just at the end of my tether.:eek::2fun:

This lot are worse than the Smiths.:(

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It seems the Allens are quite adept at hiding children from other families.:2fun:

Maybe they're nieces or nephews.......but time will tell. I'll have to see what turns up, the further I dig into this mob.:rolleyes:

Thanks MLT.:)
I said in my last post, that the Allens seem to 'adopt' other children.

This maybe a coincidence, but please bear with me, and let me know what you think.:rolleyes:

John Way Stevens(1810-1862) married Ann Rogers(1807-1867) in 1833 Bledlow.

Children born Bledlow

Sarah 1835. baptised Bledlow, to John Way Stevens & Sarah Stevens.
Mary Rebecca Stevens 1837. mmn. Rogers (She married John Allen(b1838 ). in 1859 @ Bledlow.) (Sorted)
Ann Stevens 1840. mmn. Rogers. Could this be Mary A Allen. ??
Caroline Stevens 1843. mmn. Rogers.
Emma Stevens 1845. mmn.Rogers.
Job Stevens 1849. mmn. Rogers. (Sorted).

Now, they don't show in 1861 census, except for Job Stevens with father John Way Stevens, and Mary Rebecca Stevens. But others do in later census.

Ann Stevens married Zebedee Fox. Married 1862 @ Princes Risborough. (Boinggggg boingggg. :biggrin:)..

I wonder if they were taken on by Jospeh Allen & Mary Ann (Anderson). Ages are a bit out when living with them, but does my theory hold up somehow.:confused:

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You could well be right. As you say, ages are out but everything else fits.

I can't find the 1861 Census entry for John Way Stevens with Job and Mary R. Had the mother died? That might explain the children being with the Allens.

Any links (family wise ) between the Stevens and the Allens?

Yes......but I cannot recollect from memory. These are in my 'old' tree, that someone trashed many years ago. I am using that for some guidance, as I know of 70% of it is correct, but not all......thanks to a damned cousin('who knew it all' ).....it is too hard to unravel, so it had to be started again, in my 'new' tree. without the errors.(Hopefully).:rolleyes:

I think this theory is based on Joseph Allen, and John Allen(b1838. Bledlow.) being cousins.
But I'm still working through it, as the Allens seem to have so many parrallel families, with not many variations in childrens names, and years of births.

Ann Stevens(nee.Rogers)b1807, Harton(Henton), Oxfordshire), dies in 1867, (aged 60),Aylesbury R.D ..............but I haven't found her in the 1861 census. This is the only death for Ann Stevens that seems to fit. But that death is 'written in pencil'.

Oh well.....I'll carry on and see what else I can get worked up about.:2fun:

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Following on from this, with no birth reg for Caroline Allen, daughter of Joseph Allen and Mary Ann(Anderson), according to census, I have found a likely candiadte for marriage, and the birth reg of one child to sort of back this up.

Flora Allen Macdonald b1875. Islington. mmn.Allen. (Flora Ellen Mcdonald)

Apparent father and husband is John Alexander Macdonald c1844, St Helier, Jersey.

Mother Caroline Macdonald, c1850. Leckington, Oxfordshire in 1881 census.
Born 1850, Bledlow, Buckinghamshire in 1891 census.
Born 1851, Bledlow in 1901 Census
Born 1851 Buckinghamshire in the 1911 census.

Caroline Allen was born c 1849, Lockington, Saunderton, Bucks, according to 1851 & 1861 census.

Two other apparent children, Frank Macdonald, c1872. Islington, and Walter Macdonald, c1875. Not found suitable birth registrations.??

Can anyone see a marriage for John Alexander Charles Macdonald to a Caroline Allen.

Can't see birth regs for Frank and Walter but if you look at the family in the 1881 Census (RG11/191/F88/p22) they also have a daughter imaginatively named Flora MacDonald. Flora's birth reg does appear

Flora Ellen MacDonald Sep 1879 Islington 1b 218 mmn Allen

I can't see a John Alexander Charles MacDonald marrying a Caroline Allen but there is an Alexander McDonald marrying a Charlotte Rogers in Lambeth in 1870. Could a mistake have been made with the Christian name?

Best I can do I'm afraid.

:2fun:......Yes.....got that birth reg., and just found a marriage to Caroline MEAD.

John Alexander C Macdonald
Registration district: St Giles
Volume: 1b
Page: 964
John Alexander C Macdonald
Mary Bresnahan
Leah Burridge
Caroline Mead


1871 census.

William Mead
Age: 22
abt 1849
Where born: Bledlow, Buckinghamshire, England
Civil Parish: Islington All Saints
Ecclesiastical parish: All Saints
Reg.district: Islington
Sub-reg. dist-Islington West
House. sched. number.218
Page. 32

William Mead 22. Ostler.
Caroline Mead 22. b. Bledlow.
Elizabeth Allen 9. Sister. b.Bledlow.

I wonder if I can find a marriage for Caroline to William Mead.:2fun:

Errr, Yes.:2fun:

Name Caroline Allen
Estimated Birth Year 1848
Age 22
Spouse William Mead
Spouse Age 22
Record Type Marriage
Event Date 29 Jun 1870
Parish All Saints, Battle Bridge
Borough Islington
Father Name Joseph Allen
Spouse Father William Mead

Really must read the posts properley then I won't keep giving you gen you already have

William Mead/Caroline Allen Jun 1870 Islington 1b 388


John Alexander C MacDonald/Caroline Mead Sep 1878 St Giles 1b 964


Frank Edwin Mead Jun 1871 Islington 1b 247 mmn Allen
Horace William Mar 1873 Islington 1b 293 mmn Allen
Walter Jun 1875 Islington 1b 248 mmn Allen
William Jesse Dec 1877 Islington 1b 230 mmn Allen

Don't know if you are aware but in the 1911 Census Caroline Macdonald is living with daughter Flora and Flora's husband William Burnham.

Your lot interbreeding again?

Nooooooooooooo, not again.:eek::2fun:

Frank Edwin Mead, marries Emily Susan Higgins, b1883. Bledlow, Bucks

Birth reg. mmn. ALLEN.:eek::eek:

Parents are James Higgins and Elizabeth Allen.:rolleyes:

Elizabeth Allen, daughter of John Allen & Ann Maunder.