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Joseph Allen & Mary Ann Anderson - Children.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
Joseph Allen married Mary Ann Anderson @ Kingsey, Bucks. 5 Jan 1843. Banns were read @ Saunderton.

Children, as shown on Census.

Susanna(h) Allen. 1843. Bledlow, Bucks, mmn. Anderson.
Emma Allen c1847. Lockington(Saunderton), Bucks.
Caroline Allen c1849. Lockington(Saunderton). Bucks.
Josha(Jesse) Allen 1850. Bledlow, Bucks. mmn. Anderson. Died 1854. age 3.
Sarah Allen 1854. Bledlow, Bucks.
Mary A. Allen 1857. Bledlow, Bucks.
William Allen 1859. Bledow, Bucks. mmn. Anderson.

I have been unable to find any birth regs with Anderson as a maiden name, for the rest of the children.
Usually shown in the reg. dist of Wycombe.

Can anyone find the births elsewhere.

Birth regs show as Maunder or Maunders are cousins. (to John Allen & Ann Maunder).

Sarah Angelina Ruth Allen b1855, is also not one of those mentioned.(Illigitimate child of Elizabeth Allen).

It's not that I'm lazy, just at the end of my tether.:eek::2fun:

This lot are worse than the Smiths.:(

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