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Joseph and Sophia Shaw in 1851


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I'm searching for Joseph and Sophia Shaw and their children in 1851. I'm guessing the date of birth for Joseph and Sophia to be approximately 1790-1797. Family Search gives some of the children's names with baptism in Birmingham born between 1817-1830. The couple married in Handsworth in 1815 (then in Staffordshire). I presume they were living in Birmingham in 1851 probably not with all their children. I've looked on Family Search and cannot find them in 1841 Birmingham. In one 1823 baptism Joseph's occupation was candlestick maker. In an 1858 marriage record for one of his children his occupation was carriage lamp maker.
Thank you.
You should also look for deaths and burials for Joseph and Sophia Shaw, pre-1841, or re-marriages for both. If Sophia re-marries, generally the children will take on the step fathers surname, but that's not always the case.

See what you can find for their other children in the 1841/1851 census.