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Joseph BRAHAM aka Joseph ABRAHAMS

I think that we may have a connection: I believe that my paternal grandfather, Sidney, was apprenticed to his uncle, Joseph. I would very much like to discuss this possible connection.
Pamela Jo, Hertfordshire
Post: Joseph BRAHAM aka Joseph ABRAHAMS

Posted by: Tewart
Original Content:
Sorry Cliff - can't help you with family history, but thought you might like to know that his work is still appreciated. I recently inherited a victorian silver table lighter, passed down the family and originally owned by my great grandparents at the end of the 1800's. Was checking out the silversmith's origins - who turned out to be Joseph Braham - and came across your post.
Its a very nice piece, but unfortunately my family hasn't taken a lot of care with it and there are a few dents/broken bits to be sorted!!
Good luck.
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