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Joseph Charles Worrell. 31 Aug 1906.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
I'm back again.:rolleyes:

Joseph Charles Worrell. Birth registered, 1906. Aylesbury district.

Can he be found in the 1911 census please.

1939. Living in Longwick, Nr. Princes Risborough, Bucks. (Wycombe R.D.)

Dies, 1992. Wycombe district.

Something to ponder...

Civil Parish: Buckland Drayton Beauchamp
County: Buckinghamshire
Address: Buckland W S S Nr Tring, Herts
RD: Aylesbury
ED: 9; RG14; Piece: 7936; Schedule Number: 77

Edward Warrall 49 [b. Banbury. Forester]
Mary Ann Rebecca Warrall 50 wife [b. St Leonards]
William Gomm 26 son [b. buckland. Cowman]
Arthur Warrall 19 son [do. Farm labourer]
Kate Warrall 9 dau [b. Hawridge]
Florence Warrall 6 dau [b. Buckland]
Joseph Warrall 4 son [do]

That looks to be the right one as Joseph's mother's maiden name was Gomm. Unfortunately I can't find a Worrell/Gomm marriage no matter how the names are spelt.

1901 census seems more revealing.

It shows William Worrell as a Gomm, c1884. St Leonards, Bucks.

There are no baptisms or burials for either Gomm or Worrell in Buckland Pr's, but all records are for marriages and witnesses of marriages. No records for Worrell at all in Buckland Pr's.

This may be a challenge.:2fun:

William Gomm (c1884,Buckland), is a nephew in law to a James Gomm (c1851.Buckland) in the 1891 census.

I've just checked St Leonards Pr's @Aston Clinton. Found this.........!!

Marriage - 22 Sep 1887 by Banns
Edwin WORRELL, aged 24, Bachelor of St Leonards, Labourer son of Eliza Worrell
Mary Ann Rebecca BENNING, aged 27, Spinster of Buckland daughter of Joseph Benning, Labourer
Witnesses - John Matthews Ellen Penn.

Edwin Worrell was baptised in 1859, to Charles & Eliza Worrell. (Father deceased).

George, Lucy, Albert, Arthur & Alfred, all baptized to Edwin & Mary Ann Rebecca Worrell, from 1888 to 1894. Lucy dies at the age of 14 months.

Seems to be a bit solved, sort of.:confused:

Checking birth regs for mother's maiden name Arthur has mmn Benning but Kate(Rebecca Kathleen), Florence and Joseph all have mmn Gomm.

I can't find a William Worrell birth which fits and there are 4 William Gomms registered between 1882 and 1886,1 in Amersham 2 in Wycombe and 1 in Aylesbury. You can discount the Amersham and Wycombe ones as mmn not right but Wiiliam Thomas Gomm registered Dec 1883 in Aylesbury just has a dash for the mmn, implying mother's name may well have been Gomm.

It may be worth buying Kate, Florence or Joseph's birth cert to see what the mother's full name is

Just found this.....St Leonard, Aston Clinton.

Baptism - 13 Jan 1884. William Thomas child of Mary Ann Rebecca BENNING-GOMM of St Leonards, single woman.

So I guess he maybe under Benning, not Gomm.:confused::confused:

EDIT: Birth reg. William Thomas Gomm Oct/1883. Aylesbury District.

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William Thomas Gomm Dec 1883 Aylesbury 3a 641 no mmn (This would fir if she wasn't married)

The only William Benning I could find in the same time period was registered Amersham mmn King

Perhaps if she used the surname Benning-Gomm for some unknown reason only the Gomm was noted by the GRO. Definitely worth getting a cert to see what it says.

Mary Ann Rebecca Benning birth registered Sep 1860 Wycombe mmn Brown

Joseph Benning/Esther Brown Dec 1859 Aylesbury 3a 666

I can find Joseph and Esther mistranscribed as Banning in 1861 but no sign of Mary Ann Rebecca

Esther dies 1867 age 32 which fits with age given in 1861 Census but no sign of Joseph after that. No sign of Mary Ann Rebecca either - well not that I can find anyway.

Can't work out where the name Gomm fits into it all.

I think the Gomm connection is the 1891 census, where William Gomm is nephew in law to James Gomm(c1851.Buckland). Maybe James Gomm 'strayed', or a son did the same.:rolleyes:

James Gomm is widowed, with 7 children. So perhaps Mary A R Benning was taken advantage of.:(

Joseph Benning, and Mary A R Benning are a mystery in the census, so far.:rolleyes:
I'd come to the conclusion that the Gomm part was her way of naming the father of William but that doesn't explain why Kate, Florence and Joseph have mmn Gomm.

Well here you go MLT.........here is that Gomm connection. Found this using your marriage find, and BucksFHS churchfinder, and PR CD.

Buckland Pr's.

Marriage - 27 Dec 1859
Joseph(x)BENNING, aged 22, Bachelor of Buckland Common, Farm Labourer son of John Gomm, Labourer
Esther(x)BROWN, aged 23, Spinster of Buckland Common daughter of John Brown, Labourer
Witnesses - William(x)Gomm & Sarah(x)Larkin.

What a complicated family you have ! I'd still be interested to see what the full name of the mother was on the birth certs - does she stick with Benning-Gomm and if so, why does only Gomm come up on the GRO site, or don't they (or their computers) recognise hyphenated names.

Have you found a baptism for Joseph Benning (Gomm)?

This goes a way to sorting the Benning/Gomm link

John Gomm married Charlotte Benning Dec 1838 Aylesbury vol 6 p561

They appear in all the Censuses to 1891.

Still doesn't explain why Joseph Gomm became Joseph Benning though.

John Gomm married Charlotte Benning @ Buckland, 27 Dec 1838, using the reg you found for them, and the Pr's. etc.

No baptism in Buckland for Joseph Benning/Gomm, but will look at other PR CD's, and hopefully find an answer.

1841 census, Joseph Benning is Joseph Gomm, and Joseph Gomm in 1851 census.
Since his wife Esher(Brown)dies in 1867, there are possible sightings for Joseph Gomm(Benning) in 1871, 1881 & 1891, under Gomm. With an apparent wife Mary ?? c1832, Halton, Bucks. Possible surname at marriage of Gurney.
There is a George Gurney c1870, Halton, Bucks, with them in 1881 & 1891, as Grandson or Nephew respectively.

There is a birth reg in Jan Qtr 1838 Wycombe District, as Joseph Gomme. ??.......can't find a birth as Benning.

It must be the water around there, that's causing all this mayhem.:2fun: