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Joseph FOOTE


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Marriage 28 Apr 1863/C0122 Foote Joseph - Trotman Esther

Birth 27 Mar 1871/C01265 Foote Esther Evelyn - Joseph - Esther Trotman

Death 29 Nov 1911/C02169 Foote Esther - Samuel Trotman - Eliza Clarke

The Brisbane Courier (Qld.) - Thu 30 Nov 1911 p.6
FUNERAL.-The Funeral of Mrs. ESTHER FOOTE, deceased, relict of the late Mr. Joseph Foote, will move from her late residence, Bellesvick, Denmark Hill, Ipswich, at 2.30 THIS (Thursday) AFTERNOON, for the Ipswich Cemetery.
J. W. REED, Undertaker.

Death 1890/C02129 Foote Joseph - Joseph Foote - Elizabeth Clarke

Is that the right death with coincidence re mother's name or an error with mother's name?


Death 19 May 1895/C01305 Cribb Lucy - Joseph Foote - Elizabeth Clark

I've come across the same Cribb & Foote families in a totally different part of my tree - Outridge.
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I'm missing a marriage.

Marriage 1859/B0021 Cribb John George - Foote Lucy

A Benjamin Cribb also married a Foote.

This is a Church record and the date can be between 1852 and 1857. They are all dated 1854 in the index.

1854/BM620 Benjamin Cribb - Clara Foote * 30 Mar 1853 * Can't be Benjamin junior.

Death for Clara?
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Marriages Sep Qtr 1839 Strand 1 396
CRIBB Benjamin & BRIDESON Elizabeth

Son Benjamin aged 1 in 1841 census. Is he the one who married Clara Foote? No - too young.

Or did his father remarry? Death for Elizabeth 1849 - 1853 ??
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Thanks Geoff.

Same parents for death of siblings so seems correct. Have no baptisms yet.

Death 29 Nov 1911/C02169 Foote Esther - Samuel Trotman - Eliza Clarke

Then don't know if that is also correct. Again, no baptism yet for Esther Trotman.

I have Trotman elsewhere in my tree but don't know yet if connected.

The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.) - Sat 4 Jan 1890 p.4
Death of Mr. Joseph Foote.
Mr. Joseph Foote, an old resident of Ipswich, died yesterday afternoon, a few minutes after 3 o'clock. ... He subsequently settled in Queensland, and was for years a prominent figure in Messrs. Cribb and Foote's drapery department at lpswlch. He was the youngest of the four brothers Foote, of whom the Hon. J. C. and Messrs. James and Alfred William survive. He has two sisters (Mrs. B. Crlbb and Mrs. Thos. Bennett) living in Ipswich ; and he left a widow, three sons and a daughter.

Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser (Qld.) - Tue 7 Jan 1890 p.2
A very painful accident occurred to the Rev. W. V. Young, the popular pastor of the local Baptist Church, on Saturday morning last. He intended to go to Mr. Joseph Foote's funeral, ...

WE have been requested to correct a couple of errors which appeared in our last issue with reference to the demise of the late Mr. Joseph Foote. It appears that the deceased gentleman was born in 1830, and left three sisters behind him—not two, as stated by us—Mrs. B. Cribb (of Denmark Hill), Mrs. J. G. Cribb (of Brisbane), and Mrs. Bennett (wife of Mr. Thomas Bennett, corner of Brisbane and Nicholas Streets).
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Joseph Foote Baptism – 23 July 1837 Frampton Cotterell Gloucester – Joseph Foote & Elizabeth Clark

Joseph Foote age 18 a Ag Lab from Frampton Cotterell Gloucester – Independent religion – can read & write on NSW Assisted Immigrant Passenger List arrived 18 Aug 1848 on ship “Cheapside” - Vic Assisted & Unassisted Passenger List arrived Port Phillip Bay from Plymouth.

1841 census for Frampton Cotterel

Joseph Foote b in county 50 a Hatter

Elizabeth b same 45

James son b same 10

Joseph son 9 b same

Clarisse daug b same 15 – arrived 10 Aug 1850 on ship “Emigrant”

Lucy daug 9 b same – died 19 May 1895 Qld – married John Joseph Cribb 12 June 1856 Qld

Harriet daug b same 5

Reg istrict Chipping Sodbury, Sub reg dist – Iron Acton, Piece 361, Book 20, Folio 21, page 5.

find Mum Elizabeth 58 with James 22, Clarisse 24, Lucy 17, and Harriet 13 all came out 10 Aug 1850 on ship “Emigrant”
Thanks Val.

Mrs. B. Cribb (of Denmark Hill), Mrs. J. G. Cribb (of Brisbane), and Mrs. Bennett (wife of Mr. Thomas Bennett, corner of Brisbane and Nicholas Streets).

Clara and Lucy are accounted for so Harriet must have married Thomas Bennett.

Clara married Benjamin Cribb in 1853 so Benjamin's first wife Elizabeth (nee Bridson/Brideson) must have died 1849 - 1853.

Marriage 1859/B0021 Cribb John George - Foote Lucy

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father Joseph d 10 July 1848 age 56 Colonial Missionary – Richmond congregational – Hobart R102/00002 - 1841 census - occ looks like hatter...

Mother Elizabeth b 28 Aug 1795 Cotterell, married 22 Jan 1821 St Philip & St Jacob Church Bristol died 22 May 1858 Brisbane – on findagrave


John Clarke Foote b 10 July 1822 Calne Wilts – died 18 Aug 1895 Ipswich Qld – married Mary Ann Hardwick 4 April 1850 Chipping Sodbury & she came out 1850 on Emigrant

Alfred William Foote b 4 Nov 1823 Calne Wilts – died 22 July 1896 Ipswich Qld – married 4 Feb 1852 Launceston Tassie

James Foote b 2 March 1829 Frampton Cotterell – died 4 Sept 1895 Ipswich Qld – married 21 July 1863 Ipswich Qld to Catherine Cramb

Harriet Foote b 13 Aug 1837 Frampton Cotterell – died 19 July 1922 - married 8 Feb 1871 Brisbane to Thomas Bennett
Thanks Val,

Joseph's father was a clergyman in Tasmania but he had died by the time son arrived.

I have to do some work while it's not raining so back later.

Thanks Val.

Next job will be to see if Esther Trotman is connected with the other Trotman in my tree.

Esther’s siblings

Annie Trotman b 1827 Bilton – died 5 Nov 1899 Ashfield NSW – married 1865 Qld to William Seaward –

The Australian Star – Tue 30 Oct 1894 Will for William Seaward – trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/227506820?searchTerm=annie%20seaward%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20&searchLimits=

Mary Trotman b 1834 Bilton – died 2 Oct 1913 Ipswich Qld – never married – Queensland Times Sat 4 Oct 1913 – Mary’s Orbit & family info..

https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/...chTerm=mary trotman &searchLimits=

father Samuel died 1862 UK

Eliza died ?

Eliza Clarke married 15 Dec 1825 Kingswood Holy Trinity Gloucestershire to Samuel Trotman

1861 census has Samuel a widow age 64 with his daughters

Reg district Clifton, Sub reg Stapleton, ED 6c, h/hold schedule 46, Piece 1741.

1863 Mary, Annie & Esther arrive in Qld – Mary’s buried with Joseph & Esther as per headstone.
Thanks Val.


Perhaps no connection ??

Marriages Dec Qtr 1855 Westminster 1a 466
TROTMAN John Flexon & PLASTOW Hannah

Births Sep Qtr 1856
TROTMAN Alice Kate - Eton 3a 327

Marriages Dec 1876 Windsor 2c 981
TROTTER Robert & TROTMAN Alice Kate

Death 28 Aug 1939/C03292 Trotter Alice Kate - John Trotman - Hannah Plaistow

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld.) - Wed 30 Aug 1939 p.12
TROTTER.-The Relatives and Friends of the late Alice Kate Trotter, of Toogoolawah, are invited to attend her Funeral, to leave the Funeral Parlour, 45 Adelaide Street, City, This (Wednesday) Morning, at 11.30 o'clock, for the Toowong Cemetery.
CANNON & CRIPPS. LTD., Funeral Directors.

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Marriage 23 Dec 1855 at Parish Church St Margaret’s Westminster – John Flexon Trotman 24 batchelor a servant at 14 Dartmouth st – father Henry Trotman dec – cant make out trade - to Hannah Plastow 27 – spinster at 9 Little lane st – father John Plastow – bricklayer dec.

John Fleron Trotman died April qtr 1869 age 39 Marylebone London - family on 1861 census Reg district Eton, Sub district Eton, ED 6b, h/h 10, Piece 852, Folio 100, Page 2 and Mother is with them.

Alice Kate arrival Qld 23 July 1889 on ship “Juma”