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Joseph Godbold c1763.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Joseph Godbold married Mary Hawes, 13 Sept 1787 @ St Margaret, Hales, Norfolk. Witnesses - Margaret Hood & Mary Godbold.

5 Children were baptised from 1787 to 1798 at Hales, Norfolk.

No idea where he was from, nor his year of birth, or profession. No death or burial found.

My first though was Cobbold of Suffolk, but it doesn't seem to be the case. The only one I can find was baptised in 1712, Cretingham, Suffolk. Seems rather old to get married and spawn children.

Any other ideas folks.

County Norfolk
Place Hales
Church name St Margaret
Register type Archdeacon's Transcripts
Marriage date 13 Feb 1787
Groom forename Joseph
Groom surname GODBOLD
Groom parish This parish
Groom condition Bachelor
Bride forename Mary
Bride surname HAWES
Bride parish This parish
Bride condition Spinster
Witness1 forename Margaret
Witness1 surname HOOD
Witness2 forename Mary
Witness2 surname GODBOLD
Notes Banns. Bride groom and witness 2 signed X
Transcribed by David Booty
Credit David Booty
File line number 37
(only fields with a value are shown) Value
County Norfolk
Place Hales
Church name St Margaret
Register type Bishop's Transcripts
Register entry number 38
Marriage date 16 Dec 1793
Groom forename James
Groom surname GODBOLD
Groom parish This parish
Groom condition single
Bride forename Sarah
Bride surname DOWE
Bride parish The same
Bride condition single
Witness1 forename John
Witness1 surname HARRAD
Witness2 forename John
Witness2 surname PRESTON
Notes Banns. Groom, Bride and Witness 2 signed X
Transcribed by David Booty
File line number 69

Brother ?

Burial date 04 Jun 1837
Burial person forename Joseph
Burial person surname GODBOLD
Person age 75
Burial person abode Hales
Buria lPlace Heckingham

The death is on Free reg

Mary Godbold being a witness to the 1787 wedding may help. We know he had a relative called Mary. Could be his mother or sister.
Mary Godbold being a witness to the 1787 wedding may help. We know he had a relative called Mary. Could be his mother or sister.

The other witness Margaret Hood, was married in 1788 at Hales, to John Long.

For one moment I thought she was a married sister.:rolleyes::biggrin:

You'll be pleased to know Ben, that Jacob Moore's line goes back to Abraham Moore(born c1665 unknown), in Tasburgh, Norfolk.

Howdy neighbour.:2fun::2fun:
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I have also looked on FreeREG and FamilySearch etc but not found a Joseph Godbold baptism. He may have come from Suffolk originally, and Suffolk is quite poorly covered online which is a shame as many of my forebears came from Suffolk.

Always a good idea to trace witnesses, but a bit peeving when they were found to be regular witnesses.

I know Tasburgh well. Some of my rellies came from near Long Stratton and Dickleburgh which is just down the road.
I tried Suffolk, and also Essex.;)

Not knowing what his trade is, is also annoying.:mad:

Godbold is apparently Norman/Germanic in origin.....but that's not much help.:biggrin:

'The surname Godbold was first found in Essex.......Godbold, Goodbold, Godbald, Godball, Goodball, Gobat, Godbolt, Goodbolt, Goodbow and many more.
Surnames evolving and having different variants does not help matters either. And often Soundex searches do not recognise all variants, or throw up lists of names that are totally irrelevant. Like Soundex for Obey/Obay I get Bird.

At least Mary Godbold is a start. Would have been good if she was called Lutrecia Theresa Godbold instead. Much easier to trace.
I am trying to see whether Joseph has a link to my family. His father, I believe named William would have lived about the same time as my ancestor James Godbold, who lived in Aldeby, Norfolk, England. James died and has a probate record with a year of 1811. I am hoping to find church records or census records linking the two families somehow.
The family that drew my interest in your post was written with a question mark on the side of a hand written family tree. I am trying to locate the folder, but am not sure where it is. Clutter maintenance is one of the problems in working on genealogy, at least for me. I have contacted a cousin to see if she has a photocopy.

I have this much information about the family. Father: William Godbold died 3 March 1765
Mother: Mary
Children: William 11 August 1765 (presumed a child with birthdate. Since this is the first occurrence out of sequence in birth year, it may have a different meaning) Mary 1760
Robert 1762
Joseph 1763

I would like to extend the knowledge of my family back one generation, if possible. the reference to Hales might provide a clue.. it is also possible the family is moving in a northerly direction. My non-emigrant ancestors are buried in a church graveyard in Blundeston, Suffolk County.