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Joseph Lees of Clarksfield

Flippin, Arkansas
United States
Hello All!
Glad to have found this site. I am currently living in Flippin, Arkansas. Yes that is a real place. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am quite willing to help anyone with interest in US research. I have been actively researching genealogy for 12 years now. I do this everyday for hours at a time! Not much else to do here in rural Arkansas. But anyway, my grgrgrandfather was William Lees, b. 1808 or so. He immigrated to the US about 1839 and then married Caroline Pester of West Pennard, Somerset England. They lived in the Manayunk area of Philadelphia. Everything I've found out about William leads me to believe he had a bit of money when he came to the US. I know that Caroline came from a rather wealthy family. I found some interesting information last week that I'm itching to study more. That is about a Joseph Lees of Oldham and his decendants. According to his will he had 3 sons, Joseph and James (who ran a successful mill in Clarksfield) and an older son William. This William died I believe before 1826 when his father Joseph died. He however was married to a woman named Jane and they had 2 children. William and a daughter named Elizabeth (who died as a child). I am wondering if the grandchild of Joseph Lees was not my grgrgrandfather. Can anyone tell me how to proceed? I'm considered pretty good at getting US info, but this English stuff throws me. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

The Lees of Clarksfield have surviving decendants.

I am related to the Clarksfield Lees family.

Why do you think you are related to the Clarksfield Lees?

There are many Lees in this area, and not all are linked to the Clarksfield Estate.
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