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Joseph & Sarah Bilbe lookup please

Hi to all

I was wondering if SKP would have a look and see if my 2 are still alive on the census, I don't really have much info on them,

they are
Joseph Bilbe bn around 1780 maybe Kent area
and wife Sarah Bilbe nee Weekes bn around same time.

Sorry I can't give any more info.
Thanks for your time and trouble

Kim :)
I couldn't find either that age. I found a Sarah aged 50 in Victory Street Minster Kent occupation flagmaker. Are you sure about her age?
Thanks for looking, the Sarah you found is not her as Sarah & Joseph son Thomas was bn in 1811. The year they was born I am not really sure I just guessed going by the year Thomas was born, I know I have got a cheek but you wouldnt know if Thomas is anywhere on there.
As I said he was born 1811 in Sheerness, Kent and he has always been a Shipwright.
Once again Thx for your time and trouble :)

Problem is the Thomas Bilbe I have is not born in Kent. Have I done this family before? I have vague memories of a Kent shipwright family who were born in the London area because that was where the work is.
Anyway there is a Thomas Bilbe 30 not of this county in Northfleet Kent occupation shipwright and 2 others with him Jane 25 and Thomas 25. (1841 census always rounds off ages and rarely gives exact birthplace but none of them are from Kent.
Of course they aren't always correct in census records I have a relative down as Cambridgeshire instead of Lincolnshire because there are towns of the same name in each county.
Hi & Thx

Yes you was right there is another family headed by Thomas he was bn 1803 do not know of yet whether he is connected with my Thomas, there is too many Bilbes wiith the same christian name.

Thx for finding him in 1841 I do believe this is my Thomas as he is with his wife Jane the only puzzle is Thomas aged 25, I wonder if that was a number error as they did have a son Thomas and he would have been around 2 at that time, anyway thats not your problem :'( .

Thank you very very much for your help no doubt our paths will cross again.