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Just joined!

Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham
Hi, I have just found this amazing site and am looking forward to exploring it fully. :D Have been researching my family tree with my sister for about 3 years now and things are going okay - apart from our Welsh connections! There are an awful lot of Jones' in Wales - I'm looking for one in particular she was Ann Jones born in 1846 her father was Joseph and she married John Roberts on 11 January 1868 at the registry office in Holywell - she seems to have just appeared then as I can't find her birth anywhere. I live in the North East of England and unfortunately can't just pop down to the local records office! Anyway we'll keep going - looking forward to chating to likeminded people:
Hi Robert,

Welcome to the forum. I've got Jones as well but they are are from Gloucestershire.

Found this family on the Welsh 1871 census

civil parish Holywell, Flintshire

Ann Roberts age 24 wife born Holywell
Henry Roberts son age 10 months born Holywell occ cooper -------worker
John Roberts head age 25 born Holywell
Sarah Roberts dau age 2 born Holywell

Does the occupation tie in with his on the marriage certificate?

I've put some links below.

free bmd
Ancestry partial bmd is free and the 1881 census but other resources are pay per view
findmypast is pay per view
1901 census index is free to view but the census image is not you can purchase credits for this.
On line ordering for certificates






Thanks for the reply, yes this is the family and the Ann Jones in the 1871 Census is THE Ann Jones i am looking for. Her father was Joseph but i cannot find her birth in fact can't find any of the Jones' family before then. By the way I'm Beverly not Robert :eek: (that was my maiden name). Thanks for the links will give them a try.
Hi Beverly, got it right this time

Found this family on the 1851 census and 1861 census

1851-civil parish Wepre reg dist Holywell sub reg dist Flint

Joseph Jones head age 47 occ shoemaker born Rhydlan?
Jane Jones Wife age 32 born Northop
Elizabeth Jones dau age 15 born Northop
Martha Jones dau age 10 born Northop
John jones son age 8 born Northop
William son age 6 born Northop
Ann Dau age 3 born Northop
Joseph son age 1 born Northop

Found the same family on 1861 census without Martha and William and an addition of Elli(e)n dau age 8

There are quite a few Ann Jones born he same year, but some of them have been entered on the index more than once.

Having trouble with Ancestry at the moment so not able to check on Martha and William.
Hi Julie, Thanks again, i havn't come across this family - however our Joseph was described as a 'labourer' on his daughter's marriage cert dated 1868 - I suppose he could have changed what he did? It's a possibility as Northorp is not that far from Holywell - I have been trying to use the witnesses on the marriage cert too, they were called Edward Jones and Jane Jones - obviously related somehow - but were they brothers or uncles? It's intriguing isn't it?
Once again thanks for your help!;) By the way i had terrible trouble with Ancestry last night - nice to know it's not my computer!
hi Beverly,

I'm still having trouble with Ancestry, its slow and when I get through the formats different, will check it again soon. When I put in Ann's details with father Joseph she was the nearest who came up, but there were a couple of Ann's who were not at home working as servants, perhaps she may be one of them?.

Hi Julie, hope you've sorted Ancestry I got on ok this after, can i be really cheeky and ask a question, I can't seem to get the names i am researching onto the bottom of my posts, when i first registered i did enter them but as you can see (or not see) they are not there. I've tried going to My profile and looking for an 'additional info' box but i don't appear to have one -:'( any suggestions.
Thanks Beverly
Hi Beverly,

Ancestry ok now. Go to quick links then to edit my profile click on that and scroll down to where you add your names of interest.