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Just Saying Hello.

Hello, everyone, I joined the site yesterday and thought that I would introduce myself. I am a wife/mother/grandmother but the only one in the family really interested in family research and spend far too much time on the computer. However, as I am no Spring chicken, my excuse is that I have so much to do and so little time!! My original name interests were Williams, Smith and Davies from England and Wales - no problem there, then. The name interest has, of course, expanded and has gone off onto all sorts of tangents. I also talk too much! I look forward to meeting people on the site.
Hi Katie-Lou,
Welcome To The Site ,Im Just Like You No Spring Chicken,5 G/Children
When Ever My Kids Come Round To See Me,Im Always ON The Computer.
This Site Is Very Good. Good Luck With Your Research
Hi Katie-Lou,

Welcome to FHUK. Please post any queries you have on the relevant forum.

I've also got Davies from Wales they were a little bit complicated to start off with but managed to straighten them out though havnt got to far with them yet.
Hi Katie Lou

Welcome to the forums.

I have a Roberts line and cannot get back any further than Thomas born 1777ish. Shows how difficult it can be researching common names.

My great gran and her mum were called Catherine Isabella and Mary Ann Katherine, Mary Ann Kate being Thomas Roberts b1777s, granddaughter but they were known throughout their lives as Kate or Katie Roberts or Kate Coombs.

Hi & welcome to the site, good luck with your research, yes it can be a nightmare looking for common names :eek: I have Brown and Kelly, they are proving very difficult. Oh well some day....... :)
welcome Hi from me Lynne also no spring chicken..
good site ,very helpful people also ..post away you never know what can arise..its all helpful sometime...
i have such fu at times searching.other times it gets very frustrating hitting a brickwall..but it will eventually come tumbling down if you hit at it enough times ..cheers from Australia Lynne
Thank you all for your welcome messages. Isn't it great when another piece of the f.h.puzzle falls into place? I found a tree on another site which consists solely of my maternal grandmother's family. It has grandma under her given name, Mary, but another child added under grandma's nickname, Polly. The tree owner has not been active on that site for several years so I cannot contact him to put him straight. I look forward to interacting with everyone. Happy New Year.