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Just starting - unknown grandfather


I'm a married mother of 2 boys and the youngest of 6 children.

As my sister has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer we have started looking back at our family tree to determine whether there is a hereditary element.

This has given me access to my mother's birth certificate from 1933, which does not have details of a father recorded.

This is no secret in the family. Rumour has it that my grandmother worked as a maid and my mother was conceived out of wedlock, her father being a member of the household that my grandmother worked for.

Still with me?

This is further sort of evidenced by the information that whoever looked after my mother as a child received an allowance, indicating that the father had the means and was concerned for the welfare of the child.

Now luckily my mother's birth certificate has the address where my grandmother worked in Southsea so I can start trying to find who owned and lived in the house. Then I will attempt to trace the family solicitors in the hope they have some record of the payments to prove the story is true.

This will fill a big gap in my mother's life as my grandmother never spoke of who my mother's father was.

Unfortunately I live at the opposite end of the country to where my mother was born so have e-mailed the local Library to try to get some details to get started.

Any ideas of what to do next would be appreciated.

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