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Kate Broadbent/Walker or Linfoot

Could someone help me find out if Kate Broadbent married Harold Barff Linfoot or William marshal Walker in june 1909 in Stockton-on-tees I seem to be getting lost here, if you can help I would really appreciate it.

Thanks Julie
I have sent off for the marriage certificate but it will take four weeks to get to me I now live abroad so hopefully there is someone here who as access to the records to save me the wait so I can move further on, I have become completly addicted to this

Not sure if they had children but Kate was born in Stockton-on-Tees her date of birth was 1889 and her farthers name was Tom broadbent if yopu could help that would be great.
Hi Phill
Thank you for that I have now found out it is definatley George Linfoot Kate married and that they immigrated to Australia Have now found a living great Aunt who gave me this info she also said that she heard years ago on the radio that a Kitty Linfootas Kate was known had been murdered in australia so Im trying to find out info on that but not sure where to start but it looks like the child you found was hers once again thank you
Hi Carol

By looking up family the family tree it appears that Kate Broadbent was my fathers ( Victor Merritt Broadbent) sister. Their mother was Anne Broadbent.

Hope this helps in some way.


visitor message..
Dear Dave
A posting in 2008 enquiring about Victor Merritt Broadbent it was assumed that this person was male. The enquiry mentioned some family history about grandmother neat etc. In fact this person was my niece who I have been in contact with and she lives in Cyprus together with members of my family with whom I have had no contact for 25 years. So now my problem and hers have been resolved.

Regards Phil (finder)

Hi Phil
So pleased you have had a favourable outcome and the forum has played some part in this.