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KAYE family


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RG10 Piece 4373 Folio 74 Page 15
Civil Parish: Lockwood
Eccl. parish: St Stephen
County: Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration District: Huddersfield
Sub-RD: Lockwood
ED: 4
No of Schedule: 74
Address: 16 Rashcliffe
KAYE George Head Mar 39 Mill Wright Almondbury Yorkshire
KAYE Ruth Wife Mar 34 Barnwell Northamptonshire
KAYE Lucy E dau 10 Scholar Almondbury Yorkshire
KAYE Joe W son 8 Scholar Almondbury Yorkshire
KAYE Anne M dau 6 Scholar Almondbury Yorkshire
KAYE Tom H son 4 Scholar Almondbury Yorkshire
KAYE Jane Eliz dau 1 Almondbury Yorkshire

Looking for that family in 1861. I can't see them on FS as KAY or KAYE.


Found them mistranscribed as Kate

Primrose Hill, Almondbury

George Kaye Head 29 Mill Wright Almondbury
Ruth Kaye wife 24 Barnwell, Northants
Mary K/R Kaye dau 2 Huddersfield
Lucy Ellen Kaye dau 0 Almondbury

Couldn't quite work out if Mary's second initial was a K or an R. I'd plump for K but could be wrong.

1861 Civil Parish Almondbury, Ecclesiastical|Parish Lockwood, County Yorkshire, Reg District Huddersfield, Almondbury ED 5, H/hold 243, Piece 3255, Folio 99, Page 46,

George Kaye 29 B Almondbury Yorks
Ruth wife 24 b Barnwell Northamptonshire
Mary K Kaye daug 2 b Huddersfield Yorks
Lucy Ellen daug 8/12 b Almondbury Yorks
Thanks Emeltee.

Thanks Val.

I've not followed the children - getting a bit far off the main line.

I tried Ruth born Barnwell and still didn't find the family. Didn't try Kate.