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Kemp & Ball


Active member
Just by chance I saw a marriage record for

Antony T Kemp & Kathleen Ball

1942, Lewisham

Is the only way to get more details than this (e.g. the grooms full middle name for a start) to order the full certificate - will this actually have it on there and the grooms age and their parents names? - Excuse my ignorance but I've never ordered a marriage certificate and thinking about it only seen one from the 20's!

My grandfather was an Antony Tom Kemp and he was...shall we say not always the best behaved when it came to the ladies....so although I have no knowledge of him marrying anyone called Kathleen Ball - (as he later married my grandmother in Thanet, 1945, and then eventually another lady also in Thanet, 1960 - he did divorce inbetween!) but I just wanted to check he wasn't even more naughty than we already knew about....I'm sure it's probably someone else, but I've got a feeling it might bug me till I know...

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