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Kenhelm Holmer Armourer to Lord Talbot


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I am trying to find a bit more detail. I have a Kenhelm Holmer in 1635 in Sheffield who married Faith. I know his family came from Worksop and he later returned there. Pretty sure his father was also Kenhelm and an armourer but can't find either's birthdates or father's marriage or death. I think Kenhelm the elder may have died in Sheffield but can't be sure of that. The problem is as they were important to Lord Talbot the Earl of Shrewsbury and Duke of Norfolk (all one person) they could have married been born at any of his lands. Principle seat is Arundel Castle.

Name is spelt variously as Kellam and Kelham. Surname as Holmer or Homer. Originally they came from Holmer near Hereford. Think they probably moved to Worksop when Talbot built a new home there in 1400 and Kenhelm seems to have gone through several generations. Despite their importance re Talbots can't find much reference to them except in 1637 onwards.