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Amarillo , Texas
United States
Greetings from Texas in the United States! I am new at all this but, I'm searching for information about my grandfather. His name was: Harold Thane Kenward 3rd. Born in London, England on 04-15-1905 and, died 10-20-1981 in Tacoma, Washington in the U.S.

His parent's Edith and Harold Kenward 2nd lived at: 88 Finbough Rd. in London at the time of his birth. In 1910 they sailed by ship [??] to the U.S.
Evadently [Edith my great grandmother]was married before she married my

Edith Kenward, Woolnough or Woodnough , Blott. I was told at a young age that they only had one child. I'm trying to search back. Well, thats why Im here.
Hi Kenward welcome to the FHUK forums :)
You say you are new to all this, well you are on the right site for help. All our members are very friendly and helpful and will do their best to find those illusive answers.
All you need to do is, Post your specific questions on the appropriate forum, along with as much relevant information that you do have, and we will take it from there.
We at FHUK, wish you every success in your research and we hope you enjoy our forums.
Best regards StericoO0 helpusall