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United States
Kenward is the name I'm searching for, however it may be as common as the name Smith!! Can anyone buy a phone book from London??? I have gone forward in my search as far as I can. I'm going backward now.

My last known famly member's are: Harold Thane Kenward [2nd]
July 11, 1879 - July 08, 1933
Left London with Wife: Edith Woolnough, Blott, Kenward
Feb. 28, 1865-67 - Aug. 03, 1948
Son: Harold Thane Kenward [3rd]
Apr. 15, 1905 - Oct. 20, 1981

Departing ship: Unknown

Settled in the United States [ Tacoma, Washington]
Were Episcopal Church members. Left London in 1910

PLEASE: Where do I start looking looking?

Looks like Harold arrived in Canada first of all.

Harold Kenward age 32 married
Occupation night porter/saw mill

Date of arrival 15 May 1910
Vessel Sardinian
Port of arrival Montreal Quebec
Port of departure London, England and Le Havre France

Border crossing from Canada to US

Harold T Kenward
Arrival date June 1911
Birth date abt 1880
Birth country England
Port of arrival Sumas Washington USA

He has his wife as Nellie Kenward of
2E ------Hermitage? Road, London


Lake Pierce Washington

Harold Kenward born abt 1879, pob England, year of immigration 1911
Edith Kenward born abt 1877, pob England, year if immigration 1912
Harold Kenward born abt 1906, pob England year of immigration 1912

An alternative name of Kennard had been submitted.
Canadian passenger lists

Harold Kenward born abt 1906
Nellie E Kenward born ant 1877
Date of Arrival 1 Sept 1911
Vessel Corinthian
Port of Arrival Quebec
Port of Departure London England, Le Havre France

Border crossing from Canada to US

Nellie Edith Kenward born abt 1877 England
Harold Kenward age 4

Arrival date 2 Sept 1911

Last permanent reisdence Highgate
Marriage registration

Harold Thane Kenward
Year 1903
Distrct Fulham
County Greater London, Middlesex
Oct/Nov/Dec 1/4
Vol 1A
Page 677

A Nellie Woolnough Blott is also listed.

Birth registration

Harold Thane Kenward

Year 1879
Distrct Greenwich,
County Greater London, Kent
Jul/Aug/Sept 1/4
Vol 1d
Page 936


Harold Thane Kenward
District St Marylebone (1902-1977)
County Greater London, Middlesex
Apr/May/June 1/4
Vol 1a
Page 533

WW1 Registration Card

Harold Kenward
Age 40
Date of Birth Feb 22
Born England
Present occ Ship Yard .........
Place of employment Tacoma Ship Bldg
Wife Edith Kenward
Address 1514 So L?
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1891 census

Civil parish Milton
Town Gravesend
County Kent

The childrens home

Does look like kinnard on census image
Harold Thane Kinnard age 10, inmate of school where born NK

You can view these records on Ancestry, they have a 14 day free trial.

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:eek: How can I ever thank you!!!! I was begining to think my ancesters were related to Jack the ripper. I guess I just don't know what I'm doing. You found that so fast!!!!! Thank you again sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!:)

Its amazing how many of our elusive ancestors are hiding on the censuses under spelling variants and surname mistranscriptions.