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Kewley birth

I am looking for the birth of a Henry or Thomas Henry Kewley in Liverpool between 1818 and 1823. Parents are John Kewley and Alice (Adamson).

Thanks in advance,


PS Also need John Kewley's birth but have no idea of when or where. His wife Alice was born 1797 so I presume he was born around the same time, probably either in Liverpool or maybe the Isle of Man.
For the peeps John married married Alice Adamson spinster
at Lpool St Peter's, 22.6.1818.
Emeltee, there's a tree in Anx which has a John bn 1824 I.O.M living in Lpool.

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I notice several public trees on A...... give his father john born 1709 ! These are clearly wrong as John would have been over 100 at time of Thomas Henrys birth

The marriage of John and Alice Adamson fit well in 1818 ( see the Banns) if this is the correct set of parents for Thomas Henry

No one seems to have found a birth date in all the public trees or a baptism.

Just as a thought could your Thomas Henry have been born 24 Dec 1820 and baptised 14 feb 1820 but was actually Thomas Peers Kewley son of George and Mary Kewley of Brunswick rd. George being an attorney at law.
He goes on to have a son Thomas Henry Kewley as well

Hi Oznannie,

Thanks for that info. I have the 1818 marriage to Alice Adamson. Thomas Henry born 1821 appears in the Censuses as either Thomas Henry or just plain Henry. He has taken some finding as the transcriptions of Kewley are wierd and wonderful. What I am after is definite confirmation of the birth and that his parents were John and Alice.

If John Kewley was his father then he (John) died before 1824 when an Alice Kewley widow married someone called Roper.


PS Haven't seen the Anx trees as I don't subscribe
Hi Dochines,

Many thanks for the info. I had seen the baptism for Thomas Peers Kewley on the lancs OPC but not the fact that George also had a Thomas Henry as well, presumably at a later date. To me the fact that he called another son Thomas implies the the first Thomas born 1820 had died.

Hi Em :)
It was Edward Roper gardener at St Nicks 6.9.1824.
Alice Kewley widow.
Not much luck in 1841 for them or Thos Hy.
One tree in Anx has Alice's parents as John and Esther nee Wilcox
13.1.1797 bapt 8 feb.
As you know Thos Hy married Deborah Shaw.
They did have a daughter named Alice bn 1849.
Perhaps a clue there?

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hi Oznan,

It would appear that Deborah Shaw is the daughter of Alice Adamson's sister Rachel and husband Samuel Shaw -cousins marrying cousins. Alice and Rachel were indeed the daughters of John Adamson and Esther Wilcock, another couple causing problems!

I'm guessing after all this time since you originally posted that you got to the bottom of Thomas Henry's details? I'm just wondering if you found out anymore about John Kewley? I know he was from the Isle of Man and I once saw his original death certificate which was mis-spelled Culey. It was in my grandparents possession, I have a birth year of 1790 but there's a few John Kewley's in the IOM that year.

FYI there are a couple of graves in Liverpool and Wirral for this family.

Best wishes
I was doing that tree for a friend. Unfortunately I no longer have the details. The family did originate from the Isle of Man but, if I remember correctly, it was John's grandfather who came to Liverpool in the mid 1700s.