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north ayrshire
by ardrossanrentboy ยป Wed Jun 11, 2014 9:52 am

The house in whose front garden the Mercat Cross sits is 24 Main Street also known as the Mason's Howff. My mother and my youngest sister Madelaine lived in it after it was completely refurbished and bought it under the 'right to buy scheme ' but my sister moved out into horse country near Montgreenan and my mother briefly was a resident in Chalybeate Court next to the Library before her death.
The original house dates from the 16th Century and was reputedly owned by Hugh Smith who allowed the Masonic Lodge to hold meetings there after the dinging doon of the Abbey Chapter house around the time of the Reformation.
I don't know who owns it now but although completely rebuilt within the older walls it still had the feeling of being in an ancient structure
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