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King George 11 and Moggy's.


Loyal Member

First of all this piece of music is stunning.....composed by Handel who incidently had a brother called Dore.....it was written for the coronation of King George the 2nd in 1727....yes thats 1727!
It was the actual piece played nearly 300 years ago as he was crowned...now that piece of music has lasted the pace of time.
As for the moggy's...................i will explain.

At 5.30 this morning i got up and i put that piece of music on,dawn was upon me and i stretched in the back garden while listening....Exeter was my destination for work.....thats when i noticed Maurice,he is a dirty great tabby with one eye...and a patch on the other,he is head cat and other Moggy's respect him and indeed he has a gang of junior moggy's that do his night work.
Maurice is always to be seen with a tuna flavoured cigar between his lips....he has junior moggys that pick dock leaves and marinate them in tuna juice.....they are rolled and then filled with dried fish.
Anyway Maurice liked the music by Handel and in no time his gang was upon me....like Moggy city it was and a little eary i must say.
Maurice gave me a smile and continued to count his tokens.....they were redeemable for Kitty Kat cat meat at most reputable stores.....Maurice was the token king and his huge belly and gold chain showed the fruit of his labours.
Any way while i was in full voice with the cats choir and getting to the Hallelujah's.Bill my neighbour put his head over the fence and with a face like thunder.....smiled and said,do you need a ******** baritone!
Anyway Maurice scarpered along with the moggy crew and i was left to explain to Bill that shortage of money was causing me stress....why didn't you say he said....i could lend you a Tenor:biggrin::biggrin:

I rolled over and blinked.....the faint sound of Handel's Rejoice the King oozed its class out of my radio alarm......what a strange dream that was...i must cut down on the cheeze before bedtime...mice like cheeze.
Talking of mice i had a dream about them.........but i will leave that for another day:biggrin:

Regards to you all:)

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