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Kingsbarn ,St Andrews ,Fife


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north ayrshire
Kingsbarns is an appealing and well preserved conservation village with many of the buildings listed including Hazel Cottage. The cottage was built in 1762, and is 250 years old this year. Above the front door it has the marriage lintel with the initials of the couple and date inscribed.
The three cottages, of which Hazel cottage is at the end on the right, were most probably for agricultural workers and in 1976 the National Trust for Scotland restored the two houses opposite and made a private car park for the three cottages in Ladywynd and gifted it back to the cottages on the understanding it would be maintained by the three owners. As you approach Hazel Cottage from the car park, beside the copper birch tree there is a well which serviced several properties in the village and in the title deeds there is to this day, a "right of servitude" that they will always have access to water.
There is a history of the village in the cottage for you read and on page 111 there is a photo of Ladywynd when it was called Anderson Place. Please enjoy the history as well as your holiday

The house at the other end is the Forge.Alexander Gourley was the Smithy and an ancester of my husband .His Son Robert Gourley also a Smithy moved to Glasgow .


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