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'Victoria' 1849 Sydney and/or Newcastle and family Reel 2136, [4/4786] Page 435; Reel 2460, [4/4915]
TREGONING James 29 Miner Gwynup Cornwall Wesleyan Both
TREGONING Jane 26 (Wife) Gwynup Cornwall Wesleyan Read

James 29 Miner Gwennap Cornwall John & Mary mother living in Gwennap Wesleyan Both None Good Complains of bowl rations in early parts of voyage

Jane 26 House Servant Gwennap Cornwall Lawrence & Mary Kissell mother living in Gwennap Wesleyan Read Cousin Jane Dunstone in NSW

Piece: HO107/137/8 Place: Kerrier -Cornwall Enumeration District: 7
Civil Parish: Gwennap Ecclesiastical Parish: -
Folio: 21 Page: 5
Address: Frogpool
Surname First name(s) *** Age Occupation Where Born Remarks
KESTLE Lawrance M 59 Copper Miner Cornwall
KESTLE Mary F 60 Cornwall
KESTLE Mary F 20 Cornwall
KESTLE Caroline F 20 Cornwall
KESTLE Jane F 20 Cornwall
KESTLE Grace F 15 Cornwall

Marriages Sep 1841
Tregoning James Redruth 9 259
KESSEL Jane Redruth 9 259

This looks to be the remains of the family:

Piece HO107/1914 (Part 3)
Folio 274 Page 5
Civil Parish: Gwennap
Enumeration District 2n
13,Frogpool,Elizabeth Hitchens,Head,W,,31,Work In Mine,Gwennap Cornwall,,
,,Edwin Hitchens,Son,U,7,,Work In Mine,Gwennap Cornwall,,
,,Caroline Kestle,,U,,28,Work In Mine,Gwennap Cornwall,,
,,Grace Kestle,,U,,24,Scholr,Gwennap Cornwall,,

It suggests Lawrence died between 1841 and 1849 and that Mary died between 1849 and 1851.


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Deaths Dec 1843
KESTLE Lawrence Redruth 9 161

Can't see a death for Mary so perhaps I missed her in 1851.
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I've looked again and I can't find Mary in 1851. Looking in FS to confirm this is the only one:

name: Mary Kestle
age: 55
gender: Female
birthplace: Gwennap, Cornwall
relationship to head of household: Head
record type: Household

This one looks interesting:

Deaths Sep 1869
Kistle Mary 90 Redruth 5c 151
The best I can find in 1851 is an entry for a Mary Kestell a 65 year old widow working as a dairymaid for the rector of Withiel. The only snag is that her birth place is given as St Breock.

By the way, if you go to the Genuki site page for Cornwall there are links to transcripts of the censuses for Cornwall. Useful if you don't have acces via a subscription site.

Thanks Emeltee.

Yes, I have been comparing the Cornwall Census Project transcriptions with FreeCEN and FS.

The 1869 death fits for age and location. Probably another lost in 1851 with some name variation.

I think I'm right with daughters Caroline and Grace in 1851. Mary is not with them. So, either Mary died 1849 - 1851 or in 1869. If that is not her in 1869 then who is it?
I can't find a Mary in the census to fit the 1869 death. Would be good to find what pob is listed.
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