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Looking for William Charles KNOTT b. 1877 Hasbury, Halesowen, Worcester and his family, wife Harriet Maude b. 1883 Gloucester.
Hilda Maude Jane b. 1909 Gloucester
Dorothy Ann - was born in 1911 Gloucester so may not be listed.

William may have worked for GWR as a Bridgeman.

If it's possible to search by occupation, I'm also interested in anyone with the KNOTT surname whose occupation may have been a Cooper.

Hi Sashar...welcome and be patient and some good souls will try and help you a little later no doubt.

There is a Hilda Maud Knott on the passenger lists to New Brunswick in Canada.

Are you aware of this or have you checked and its a different person....fairly rare name is Hilda Maud so i reckon its her:confused:


Edit....apologies on research it seems Knott may have been her married name.
Hi Leefer :)
Hilda Maude had a 3rd name Jane.
Marriage of Wm to Harriet Maude Merrett
Gloucester 3rd qtr 1909
as Maude 2 yrs later...

Sashar the Knotts who were coopers, which county are you looking for, tks.
Free BMD have a marriage in Gloucester dec qtr 1934
Hilda M.J. Knott to Harold J.G Gurney

There's a death for a Harold J.G Gurney
in Sodbury Gloucs bn 1909
3rd qtr 1960 aged 51yrs.

Hilda Maud J Gurney aged 88yrs
Aug 1998 South Gloucester

Sashar, have you got all the other kiddies after Hilda?

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Hi, These are the Knotts on the latest census with occupation as Cooper

KNOTT, Ernest 1885 26 Droitwich Worcestershire
KNOTT, George 1860 51 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
KNOTT, Henry 1870 41 Gloucester Gloucestershire
KNOTT, Henry 183972 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
KNOTT, Leonard Mayne 1886 25 Kidderminster Worcestershire
KNOTT, Reginald Mayne 1892 19 Kidderminster Worcestershire
KNOTT, Thomas 1885 26 Cheltenham Gloucestershire
KNOTT, William Edward 1858 53 Guildford Surrey

Marriages Sep 1909

JAMES Margaret Gloucester 6a 647
KNOTT William Charles Gloucester 6a 647
MERRETT Harriet Maude Gloucester 6a 647
STOCK Thomas Edward Gloucester 6a 647

Births Mar 1912
Knott Dorothy A Merrett Gloucester 6a 581

Births Dec 1913
Knott Lilian M Merrett Gloucester 6a 582

Births Sep 1918
Knott Gertrude B Merrett Gloucester 6a 487

Births Sep 1920
Knott Marian A Merrett Gloucester 6a 659

Births Dec 1926
KNOTT Margaret J Merrett Gloucester 6a 480

Thankyou everyone for your replies.

The Mayne Knott name definately interests me.
Lee, what year was the Henry Mayne Knott on the NY passenger list? I don't think Hilda Maude would be connected, not sure though.

The KNOTT and GURNEY marriages and deaths are correct.

I'm interested in the two Henry KNOTT'S that Dave posted. Born 1839 Cheltenham and 1870 Gloucester.
I think the Worcester lot are also connected. I believe William Charles KNOTT was the son of the Henry KNOTT b. 1839. However, for some unknown reason, William Charles KNOTT was born as William Charles WILLIAMS in 1877 at Hasbury, Halesowen, Worcester. His birth certificate has his father as George Henry WILLIAMS (COOPER) and his mother as Jane PALMER.
George Henry WILLIAMS m. Jane PALMER 2.4.1865 Deerhurst. Father Henry WILLIAMS. Father and son both Coopers
Between 1877 and 1884 the name changes to KNOTT. William Charles has 3 elder siblings, Sarah Jane b. 1867 Deerhurst Gloucester, Henry b. 1870 Gloucester and John b. 1874 Ross Herefordshire - all as WILLIAMS.
There is a younger siblings Annie b.c.1881 Shropshire - not sure if she is WILLIAMS or KNOTT and the youngest sibling Thomas KNOTT is born 1884 Ludlow, Salop.

Very hard to explain but I hope someone can follow that.

I can't figure why the name change from WILLIAMS to KNOTT. I have a feeling it may have originally been KNOTT then WILLIAMS and back to KNOTT.

This is what I have found so far on Census:-
1871 Census - Schedule 12, Apperley, Deerhurst
George H Williams - head, married, 32, a cooper born Salop, Brignorth
Jane Williams - wife, 25, born Gloucestershire, Apperley
Sarah Jane Williams - daug, 4, born same as mother
1881 Census -
Henry Knott - head, 42, a Cooper, born Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire
Jane Knott - wife, 35, Deerhurst Gloucester
Henry - son, 10, Deerhurst
John - son, 7, Ross Hereford
William - son, 3, Halesowen, Worc.
1901 Census --
Henry M Knott - head, 64, a Cooper born Cleobury Mortimer, Salop
Jane, wife, 56, Glos, Apperley
Henry, son, 30, single, Cooper born Apperley, Glos
Annie, dau, single, 19, employed Match Factory, born Salop Cleo Mort
Thomas, son, single, 16, general labourer, born Shropshire, Ludlow
Lillian Price, grand daughter, 8, born Shropshire, Ludlow

Haven't found them on a 1891 Census.

Any ideas appreciated - any questions and I'll try to answer.

The daughter Sarah Jane WILLIAMS who appears in the 1871 Census, married 1885 Ludlow Shropshire as Sarah Jane KNOTT to William PRICE. They had 16 children and one of their daughters Lillian is mentioned in the 1901 Census that I just posted, she was 8 yrs old in 1901 and with her grandparents Henry and Jane KNOTT.

If anyone wishes to check I have my info correct/incorrect, please do - I would appreciate any input.

1891 census transcription details for: 27, Upper Galdeford, Ludlow St Lawrence, Ludlow

RG number:RG12Piece:2081Folio:39Page:7

Reg. District:Ludlow
Sub District:Ludlow
Parish:Ludlow St Lawrence
Enum. District:12
Ecclesiastical District:St Lawrence
City/Municipal Borough:Ludlow
Address:27, Upper Galdeford, Ludlow St Lawrence, Ludlow Shropshire

KNOTT, Henry M Head Married M 52 1839 Cooper Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire
KNOTT, Jane Wife Marrie F 45 1846 Alderley, Gloucestershire
KNOTT, Henry Son Single M 20 1871 Cooper Alderley, Gloucestershire
KNOTT, John Son Single M 17 1874 General Labourer Ross, Herefordshire
KNOTT, William Son M 13 1878 Scholar Halesowen, Worcestershire
KNOTT, Annie Daughter F 10 1881 Scholar Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire
KNOTT, Thomas Son M 6 1885 Scholar Ludlow, Shropshire
Thanks for finding the 1891 Census Dave,
Both the Henry's are Coopers as they were in the 1901 Census.

Much appreciated,
Hi Sashar

I was thinking Williams and Knott were two different people, but I have changed my mind. after looking at 1871 census, and looking at a map. Their son Henry aged 10months is also on it and this links the two, I think. You did not include him on your post of the 1871 census.

I can't see him as a Knott before marriage and wonder if he had been a naughty boy, He was 7 years older than Jane, so was he already married and changed his name.

Have you access to the census returns you expressed interest in, or do you want them posting

Hi Dave,
Sorry about the omission of Henry in 1871 Census. I don't have access to the Census. I did some research on the Knotts back in 2006 and the information I have was given by volunteers.
I also wonder where Sarah Jane KNOTT was in 1881 when she was 14. Maybe she was incorrectly left off census as well, I don't know.

I believe that William Charles KNOTT b. 1877 as William Charles WILLIAMS was the one who found out about the name change when needing his birth certificate probably for marriage or employment reasons.

I'll try and go through some of my old notes and see what else may be of interest.
I would love to know who the Henry Mayne KNOTT was on the passenger list to New York and whether there was anyone with him. Also what year that was.

I think I found Henry Knott Snr had married about 3 times and I'm sure that one of the wives was buried in unconsecrated ground - that conjours the imagination as well.

Try to get back once I've delved a bit more,
Some background information I was given previously that seems to tie in with this Knott family:-
1817 Christening at Cleobury Mortimer of Henry Mayne KNOTT - parents Richard and Harriet.
1838 - Marriage at Wolverhampton of Henry Mayne KNOTT and Mary Ann ROGERS.
1841 Census - HO107/1195/4/16/25 Address: Bromsgrove Worcestershire
Henry KNOTT 20 - cooper - N
Mary 25 N
Henry 3 N - this is who I think later became George Henry Williams b.c1839
John 3 mo Y
Labright COX 50 - nail mr -Y
Emma COX 12 Y
1851 Census
HO107/1985 208 4
Stottesden, Shropshire Village
Henry Knott, head, 33, Cooper, b. Cleobury Mortimer
Mary Ann, wife, 30, b. Radnor Llandrinden?
Henry, son, 12, at home errand boy, b. Salop Ludlow
John, son, 9, scholar, b. Worcester Bromsgrove (I think)
Emma, dau, 6, scholar, b. Cleobury Mortimer
1855 - Marriage of Henry Mayne KNOTT to Martha DODD

1861 Bridgnorth census.

RG9/1849 1+ Enum. District 1. Folio 12B. Sch 103.
33 High Street, Bridgnorth.

Henry M KNOTT, Head, Mar, 40, Cooper, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire.
Martha KNOTT, Wife, Mar, 30, Bewdley, Worcs.
In the same property as a REEDE or REESE family.

In the Bridgnorth Municipal cemetery is the burial of Martha KNOTT, age 44, wife of Henry. Buried 16 Sept 1866. Grave No. 1306 Unconsecrated ground.
SO WHERE WERE ALL THE CHILDREN IN 1861? Henry Jnr would be 22, John 19 and Emma 16.

1866 - marriage of Henry Mayne KNOTT to Ann GOUGH born Dawley (3 months after Martha's death).

I think that was all I could find for Henry and Ann KNOTT nee Gough. Couldn't find them in 1871 Census onwards.

I have found out that the Henry Mayne KNOTT on the S S Teutonic passenger list to NY in 1907 was as follows:-
Henry Mayne Knott 32 Mar Cooper last residence Berkshire, Next of Kin~ Henry Mayne Knott, 77 Portway Worminster, Wilts. Travelling to Sacremento California.
With him were: Bessie Hamblin Knott 28 wife, Mabel Dorothy 7 and Harold Herbert 4.

Bessie's maiden name was BUTTON and Bessie and Henry married 1899 Warminster. They were travelling to USA to visit a "Button" relative.

So even though I have another Henry Mayne KNOTT with a father Henry Mayne KNOTT (all Coopers) I can't link them directly to my lot.

I'm still in a tangle,
these are the two returns you were interested in..

KNOTT, Thomas Head Married 26 Cooper Ludlow Salop
KNOTT, Henry Father Widower 72 Cooper Cleobury Mortimer Salop
KNOTT, Mary Wife Married 5 years 29 Northleach Gloucestershire
KNOTT, Thomas Son 4 Gloucester Gloucestershire
KNOTT, John Son 3 Gloucester Gloucestershire

RG number: RG14 Piece: 15566
Reference: RG14PN15566 RG78PN947 RD333 SD2 ED31 SN134

Parish: Cheltenham
Address: 13 Croft Street Cheltenham Gloucestershire


KNOTT, Henry Head Married 3 years 41 Cooper Gloucester
KNOTT, Maria Wife F 45 Gloucester
SARGEANT, Austin Son 13 Gloucester
SARGEANT, James Son 10 Gloucester
SARGEANT, Henry Son 6 Gloucester
SARGEANT, Edward Son 1 Gloucester

RG number: RG14 Piece: 15318
Reference: RG14PN15318 RG78PN926 RD325 SD3 ED24 SN1

Parish: Gloucester
Address: 1 Moreton St Gloucester: Gloucestershire

Thanks again Dave,
You would think Henry and Maria's youngest son Edward would have had the surname KNOTT if Henry and Maria were married for 3 yrs. Maybe just a mistake on the entry.

I also wonder where Sarah Jane KNOTT was in 1881 when she was 14. Maybe she was incorrectly left off census as well

I'm just wondering if Sarah Jane could be found with the surname WILLIAMS in the 1881 Census if she doesn't appear as a KNOTT? Maybe she was with relatives.

In appreciation,
Sashar :)
there is a child Williams of the right age

CAUSON, William Head Married M 36 1845 General Labr Cranham, Gloucestershire
CAUSON, Louisa Wife Married F 42 1839 Brimpsfield, Gloucestershire
WILLIAMS, Sarah J Boarder SingleF 14 1867 Brimpsfield, Gloucestershire

Piece:2553 Folio:53Page: 5

Registration District: Cirencester
Civil Parish: Brimpsfield
Address: ?, Brimpsfield: Gloucestershire