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Knye - Bohemians in Cheshire and Surrey?


New member
This one has been looking out at me from my tree for, ahem, a few years.

My mother was a Surrey Elliott and sitting in my DNA is a piece of Dutch/Jewish DNA. Go back to the 1700s and a William Eliott b.1714 marries Elizabeth Knye at Chiddingfold (just south of Guildford) on 9th October 1739. I hadn’t noticed this, possibly because I was a big fan of Blake’s 7 and had a bit of a thing about Sally Knyvette. Nye is also quite a common surname with Anglo-Saxon roots.

Recently, I wondered about her and this Dutch/Jewish DNA as everyone else looks pretty standard U.K., although both MyHeritage and FTDNA give me high West European readings. Knye really only appears in the form of Thomas Knye up in Cheshire in the mid-1600s and (presumably his daughter) Elizabeth, who marries a Robert Lloyd in London in 1638.

A general search brings up a well-known family in Lauscha near Coburg in Germany. Some Sudetenland Germans set up a glassmaking industry there in the 1590s, joined by a Knye from Novy Bor in the now Czech Republic. Amsterdam became a major commercial hub in the 1600s and lots of the glass found in various digs is German with some Bohemian.

A German has helpfully written up quite a lot of the family trees for Lauscha, but it is tough to get the book, albeit many names do appear on Ancestry and there is a 19th century family in Munster in NW Germany.

The question is: where is the link? Or is this just a corruption of Nye?