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Krakow War Graves - Unusual Request


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Krakow War Graves - Unusual Request

I will be visiting Krakow again this year in November. (For the fifth time!!!)

The whole of Poland celebrates All Saints Day (1st November) with a National days holiday, when most Polish people visit the graves of their Relations and Loved Ones, and place flowers and candles on their tombs. So I understand the Cemeteries on the evening of the first, are a mass of light from the flickering candles placed on the graves.

Right next door to the main Cemetery of Krakow is the War Graves Cemetery, and I understand that only a few graves have a candle or flowers laid on them. So I decided to honour at least one poor soul that lost his life and is buried in this cemetery. The problem is I know no one personally that is buried there.

I have looked at the War Graves Website and a certain amount of information is given about each grave. (Age, Date of Death, Regiment & next of Kin etc).

I was hoping to find someone whose Relative or friend was buried in the cemetery and find out a little more about them and to let that person know that at least one person on All Saints Day had thought of and placed some flowers and a candle on his grave.

So if anyone has a Relative, friend or comrade buried in this cemetery, please contact me either via this forum or direct to dave@**********.(e-mail address deleted for your own security )
Kind Regards
DAVE Bristol UK
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