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Lancashire roots


Hello to all here!

My family history is nearly complete (in the most important areas), but there are plenty of mysteries I'd like to solve; perhaps you can help.

I'm the first one in my direct family NOT to have been born with a day's walk of Blackburn since around 1690, so I'm letting the side down a bit (not as much as the great-grandad who married a Yorkshirewoman, though)!

welcome Just post the questions that you would like answers to in the relevant forums and we will do our best to answer them. This is a very friendly site and always try to find answers to questions.

welcome again and hope you enjoy being a member.

Happy New Year

Hi, I'm a Lancashire Woman who married a Yorkshire man. Turns out that both our mothers family came from the lake district and many years ago a member of his branch married into mine. His fathers side came from Lincolnshire it turned out 5 generations ago. My fathers on the other hand are Prescotts from Kirby and Wigan though they did have a few non Lancastrians marry in. I was born in Chorley which is still Lancashire. My brother was born in Lancashire but he is now Cumbrian.