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Latin and Roman numerals

The shops had no Walkers shortbread this Christmas. :rolleyes:

Well gibbo has no food left at all :eek:
1kg bacon, 1kg thin sausages, 1 kg rissoles, 6 large tomatoes, 3 onions, 2 loaves bread, 18 eggs and half a large watermelon. Not to mention prawns, bags of chips and softdrink :rolleyes:

Grocery shopping tomorrow morning i am :biggrin:
Cold and wet Christmas.

Glad I'm not the type who has Bondi Beach sand with Christmas lunch. :biggrin:
Up here in the North West frontier of England, it is dry, cold with a bit of sunshine. Plenty of food, and the turkey is on for lunch at around 2 pm our time. Down South they've had flooding and many are without power, I feel for them, but one thing we can't predict is weather and its effects on our lives. Back to my kitchen duties, so TTFN, folks.