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Latin handwriting help


New member
Hi I am new to family tree research. I have been progressing well apart from trying to understand some of the dreadful handwriting. I suppose it was a time before ball point pens. Anyway, I have found a catholic church baptism record and the priest has written something extra on the record. The problem is it is in latin and difficult to read. I think it is important because I suspect the father was deceased by time the baptism occurred. Some translation help would be greatly appreciatedScreenshot 2023-09-23 034740.jpg
Hello and welcome to the Forum.

My Latin goes back to 1955 so I'm a bit rusty.

ob immineus ? = vulnerable/ due to danger

mortis perilatum ?= danger of death

adductus est in faus ad ? = he was brought into the

caeremoniae suppetae ? = ceremony provided

We have an English member who is probably better at reading the Latin.
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Thanks Dave so I presume that is the father in danger of death. It hasn't been easy to find his death record with a popular name like George Brown.
I can't translate it all but it looks to me that the baby was baptised privately at home because it was thought he might not live and later on 30 December he was officially welcomed in to the Church. I cannot see anything refering to his father other than the name George.
Thanks that is very interesting. I am pretty sure the baby survived. It's quite difficult to trace them all because they where variety hall artists and travelled around and used stage names.